The man is suffering from horrible eyes and brain on the ‘Lifetime Opportunity’ ride with the boy

A Texas man who was hiking in Canada with his son suffered a horrific “misleading accident” when he fell and landed on a stick that went through his eyes and pierced his brain.

Edward Steinkamp Was hiking in British Columbia, Canada, with her son this month, Brett, Was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both men. Sadly, however, the shocking event turned out to be tragic in just a few days of the journey, when the big Steincamp fell and seriously injured himself.

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According to a GoFundMe The page is named after a friend of the Steinkamp family published last week Susan LoweEd almost suffered a fatal injury and later fell to growing up West Coast Trail And landing a stick. Within an apparent million, the stick pierces the eyes of a local Texas Allen and clears his brain.


As Lowe described on GoFundMe, the father-son duo’s rural location and the immediate severity of the traumatic injury created a tragic and dangerous situation:

“On April 30, Ed left for a lifelong opportunity to travel with his son Brett to Victoria, Canada. What started out as a beautiful experience with stunning scenery suddenly turned sad a few days later when Ed had a strange accident and fell. He stabbed her in the brain with a stick in her eye and had to be taken to Victoria General Hospital by Pachidahal First National Guardians. It took them six hours to get him and the National Guard had to refuel. “

The GoFundMe page continues, adding:

“Ed was rushed to the hospital for surgery and was admitted to the ICU. He has been transferred to their Neuro Trauma Ward, where he is currently being cared for by a neurosurgeon. Ed is now fighting the infection and is in a lot of pain. It has been determined that he has lost the sight of one eye and is fighting a running fever. “

And according to Page, both Brett and his wife Wendy Still by his side:

“His wife, Wendy, flew in immediately and was staying with Brett at a hotel near the hospital. It will cost a lot, airlift rescue and accompanying doctors, brain surgery and necessary medicines, ambulance to the ophthalmologist, CT scan, as well as long and indefinite time. The hospital has to have a special ward … “

We can’t even imagine going through something like that.

Our hearts go out to the Steinkamp family at this terrible time of need.

You can support their GoFundMe efforts at the link here.

[Image via GoFundMe]

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