The man killed his estranged wife, 4-year-old daughter and mother-in-law

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Multiple family members have died after an apparent homicide in the northwest of Harris County near Houston, Texas.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Who first reported on the tragedy Thursday, law enforcement officials responded to the scene of an apartment complex in the northwestern part of South Texas County. Once there, they discovered “confirmed four dead inside,” a press release from the government office said.

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HCSO, which first turned the public into a tragedy for their officers Facebook The page states that “a pistol” was recovered from the scene. In addition, preliminary investigations into the death are investigating the possibility that it was a murder-suicide related to the ongoing controversial divorce between a man and a woman.

The sheriff’s office reported in their Facebook post (below):

“It appears [the] The divorced husband appeared at his wife’s apartment unit this morning. The man shot his wife, a 4-year-old girl and his mother-in-law, then turned his shotgun on himself. Four people were declared dead on the spot. পরিবার South Asian families, husbands and wives have been going through divorce in recent months.

Just awful.

Harris County Sheriff Dr. later at a news conference Thursday Ed Gonzalez Talks with local news outlets about the timing of the tragedy and what detectives believe they already know about the surrounding area. Speaking openly to reporters, Sheriff Gonzalez said “there must be a link between domestic violence and four deaths.”

He added during a media briefing outside the apartment complex where the shooting took place on Thursday evening (below):

“It simply came to our notice then that for several months now, at least, the couple has been going through a process of divorce or some kind of formal divorce. Both have a history of ongoing problems – recently, [there was] One allegation where an adult male probably injured a small child would be his daughter. So we will definitely look into that. ”

Gonzalez said the man had been involved in a previous incident involving “probably cutting off” the tires of his estranged wife’s car, and police were apparently searching deeper into history there.

When the wife failed to show up for work Thursday morning, according to the sheriff, law enforcement quickly moved away. He told reporters:

“The apparent observations I have made at the moment suggest that he was probably ready to go to work with the child when [she was] Maybe the men’s team will have to face. “

Our hearts are broken.

There are more horrible incidents here, from KHOU 11 News (Below):

Such a terrible, terrible tragedy.


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