The Minnesota couple fell from a tree and died in a bizarre accident while on a camping trip

Very sad

The Minnesota couple, who have been together for more than a decade, were killed in a bizarre accident while on a camping trip.

This information has been informed in a press release Price County Sheriff’s Office, Sandy Michael Langseth II And April Mary Sheldahl Recently they were camping on the banks of the Flambau River in Wisconsin when they were suddenly struck by a fallen tree. During a police investigation into the incident, they learned that the couple was “sitting at a picnic table when they bumped into a tree.”

Unfortunately, both were pronounced dead at the scene. Meanwhile, a third person sitting at the picnic table was unharmed, and a fourth person from the campsite was also unharmed at the time of the tragic accident.

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While waiting for emergency services to arrive, authorities noted that two men fishing in a nearby river helped four campers. Eyewitnesses reminded police that they noticed a “wind rise” about 10 minutes before they heard Sandy and April tree fall. Truly such a tragedy.

According to the couple’s death, Sheldahall, a mother of two from a previous relationship, and Langseth were “together for about 12 years” at the time of their deaths. Tribute added:

“April enjoyed being a mom, laughing with friends, hanging out, campfire, fishing, gardening, flowers, plants and being with friends and family.”

Outside of their love for the outside, the pair were also remembered for their generous and kind nature. A GoFundMe Created by a family member:

“Sandy and April were full of life, and a stranger didn’t know. It was like they knew everyone they’ve met before in their lives. They were constantly surrounded by loved ones far and near. Sandy and April sit outside the bonfire with friends. He doesn’t like anything else. “

In addition to covering the expenses of the memorial, the fundraising page was arranged to support Sheldhall’s two children:

“The tragic deaths of Sandy and April have left April’s two children with a lot of responsibilities to deal with at a younger age than any adult.”

We can’t even imagine how these two kids must feel now – especially since they’ve suddenly lost them.

Our hearts go out to them and the rest of April and Sandy’s loved ones during this difficult time. If you want help, you can still do so by checking the family’s GoFundMe account here.

[Image via April Sheldahl/Facebook]

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