The missing person has been brutally murdered – probably after winning the 1 million lottery

A missing 25-year-old man was found dead in South Philadelphia late last week and now, police are trying to determine if his tragic death was related to a possible seven-digit lottery win.

Francis Disero A group of children were found in a set of bushes in a southern part of Pennsylvania last Wednesday. Upon investigation, police quickly determined that the poor young man had been shot, stabbed, and burned before being thrown into the area. Immediately, police began investigating the murder.

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Officials believe he was tortured before his death, considering the apparent injuries to his body during his discovery. This horrific outcome came about a week after Disero was disappeared by loved ones on 26 April.

Now, police are wondering if the man could possibly be the winner of the recent 1 million lottery prize – and whether it could lead directly to its dire consequences. Apparently, someone named “Francis D” won 1 million in one Extremely green Scratch-off tickets Last month. The Philadelphia PD is working to “coordinate with lottery officials” on the matter.

According to Fox 29 PhiladelphiaPhilly PD Captain Jason Smith He told local media that the department has not yet found evidence that DeSero is the same “Francis de” who won the award. Still, police are concerned about the case, as no clues have been found as to who might have killed the popular youth. Probably the best information, according to the news outlet, was a Philly street surveillance video last month. In the clip, Disero is seen parking his car Jeep And get into another car, which then drives.

Disero’s family is hoping for justice. Father of the deceased Lu DeseroGo bird CBS News Philadelphia About the case:

“I just hope they find out who did it, that’s what I want to know. Everyone loved that boy. ”

The grieving father added:

“I need to know who did it, there was no reason. I don’t know who it will be [have] It’s done, I hope they find him. “

Very sad.

No arrests have been made yet. For now, the police are continuing to investigate the lead, and hopefully members of the public will come forward if they have any insights into Disero’s death.

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There is more to this tragic case here, than Fox 29 Philadelphia (Below):

We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of D’Souro at this critical time.


[Image via Fox 29 Philadelphia/YouTube/Facebook]

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