The mother allegedly killed her 3 children because she thought they were in their possession

Okay, this has become even more annoying …

Earlier this week, we reported on a mother in West Hills, California, who was arrested on charges of murdering her three children. Now more alarming details of the murder case are being unveiled.

Police said, Angela Don Flores, 38, confessed to killing her three children on Mother’s Day, allegedly with the help of her 16-year-old son. Why? He believed that they were possessed by ghosts.

The identities of the dead children have been ascertained Natalie Flores12, Kevin Yanez10, and Nathan Yanez8. All of them were found dead inside their home on Sunday morning, although officials believe they probably died on Saturday night when their mother’s abnormal behavior first began.

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Angela appeared in Van Nuis court on Wednesday. He is facing three murder charges and is being held on a 6 million bond. According to LA Police DepartmentHe confessed to the murder during interrogation by detectives. The ex-husband of the accused murderer is now talking about his new religious awakening and how his behavior began to change. Don’t Jacob Flores shares a baby with BTW, but the baby stays with her and is not harmed in the incident. Talking to it Los Angeles TimesHe recalls a conversation with them just a week ago:

“He was telling me all these things about God. He didn’t sound right. I really don’t know what happened.”

Although he found their recent conversations strange, he did not think about it at the time, adding:

“He wasn’t really religious before. But then he was talking about death. I said to him, ‘What’s going on?’ My head went through a lot of things, but I didn’t think of anything. “

Oops … if anyone held the warning sign. He seems to have been outspoken about his seemingly new religious beliefs on social media, even posting a sign. Facebook Which reads:

“Preacher: A person who wants to convert others, especially through public preaching. An enterprising advocate of a cause. “

Unfortunately he did not just try to convert his children. He has instead acted as their judge and executioner.

As we have reported, just hours before the murder was discovered, a former real estate agent, who moved to the area from Kansas City, was seen shaking his Bible while shouting about his children. He lit a candle on his neighbor’s lawn for some unusual religious occasion.

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One neighbor, Priscilla ChannelTold the outlet:

“I didn’t see anyone and kept hearing, ‘My family is abusing me!’ And I just kept hearing screams, but I didn’t understand what he was saying. “

Police were called to the scene and Angela was taken to the hospital Saturday evening for a mental health examination. How was that interaction, Priscilla continued:

“I am [could] Listen to her, ‘Oh, oh, oh.’ I guess they were trying to arrest or detain him. They brought him on a stretcher and he was lying down and got up from somewhere and shouted, ‘Where is my Bible? Where is my Bible? ‘

Neighbor Blanca Hernandez Also said ABC7:

“He started shouting more than the Bible. ‘Where is my Bible?’ Then he said, ‘You know, you know, I killed my kids.’ But they thought he was crazy. Police, they think he’s crazy. “

Win. If this is true, it is surprising that the police did not follow up on that claim before, although we should note that he was picked up from outside the neighbor’s house and the police did not know where he came from, so why did they not perform a Welfare test. Still, it’s shocking.

Police finally found the baby on Sunday morning. The 16-year-old accused went to the neighbor’s house and revealed that all his siblings had died. According to the LA Police Department, when 911 was called to the scene to attack with a deadly weapon.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding this tragic event. Initially, police have not yet revealed how the children were killed. Angela, a 16-year-old boy who declined to be named, has also been arrested on a charge of murder, but has pleaded not guilty. Toronto Sun.. He is currently in custody Silmar Juvenile Hall Flores is expected to return to court in August without bail.

We are surprised that we will have to wait until then for all the details of this tragic case.

[Image via Angela Dawn Flores/Facebook & CBS Los Angeles/YouTube]

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