The mother confessed to killing 3 children following religious rituals – with help

This is heartbreaking.

A mother in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, has admitted that her three children were killed in a religious ceremony. Angela Flores, 38, was arrested Sunday morning after police were called to his home following a report of an assault with a deadly weapon. Upon arrival, they found a 12-year-old girl and an 8-year-old twin boy dead inside the house. Angela has since “admitted” that she killed her children, according to a statement Los Angeles Police Department. Even more tragic, he apparently did it with the help of a 16-year-old man who seemed to be his son.

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The devastating situation began Saturday night when neighbors heard screams from Angela. Priscilla ChannelWho lives in two houses downstairs, he said Los Angeles Times He heard Flores say:

“My family is abusing me!”

The mother was also seen walking in the neighbor’s yard next to her house where she had performed a solo religious ceremony. He had an open Bible and lit a candle, but without it, it was not clear what he was doing. Priscilla recalled:

“The screams you heard – you knew he wasn’t right.”

He coldly added:

“I can still hear her screaming.”

According to CBS NewsClose neighbor Blanca Hernandez Flores called 911 on Saturday night when Flores was playing erratically on her front lawn. Angela was picked up by police and taken to a stretcher. Talking to it LA TimesPriscilla recalls trying to free herself and shouts:

“Where’s my Bible?”

He was taken to the hospital for a mental health assessment CBS News. Hours later, a 16-year-old boy, believed to be Angela’s son, went to another neighbor’s house and claimed that his brothers and sisters were unresponsive inside. Police returned to the scene and found Angela’s three children dead inside her home. Authorities believe they died at some point on Saturday night because they had been dead for several hours, but once they were found, they did not reveal the cause of death. The outlet has revealed their names Natalie, NathanAnd Kevin.

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During the interrogation, Angela “confessed to killing her children” with the help of “16 year old subject”. Los Angeles Police Department Announced in a statement. He has been arrested on three counts of murder and is out on 6 million bail Van Nuis Jail. His alleged accomplice, whose name has not been released, has been held without bail Silmar Juvenile Hall One of the crimes of murder.

How the children died is not yet clear, but police are not looking for anyone else involved in the deaths. According to Fox 11, Angela is the mother of a total of seven children, but the other three children live out of state with their father. If convicted, the suspects could face up to 15 to 25 years in prison, according to the count. Hear more about the heinous case (below):

That’s right, very sad …

[Image via CBS Los Angeles/YouTube]

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