The police chief of Uvalade school is reportedly refusing to cooperate in the state investigation

Multiple sources are now saying, the police chief Independent School District (CISD) Has stopped cooperating with investigators into the recent mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas.

As we are reporting, last week, an 18-year-old gunman shot and killed 19 students and two teachers. Rob Primary School In the city of southwest Texas. In the days that followed, law enforcement officers in Ubalade came under increasing scrutiny for their seemingly slow response to the shootings and for their reluctance to confront classroom shooters and shooters.

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Now, multiple police sources have indicated this in multiple media reports Peter AredondoUvalde’s CISD police chief (pictured above, left) apparently stopped cooperating Texas Department of Public SafetyInvestigation of the tragic incident.

On tuesday To say Travis ConcidineA spokesman for the Texas DPS, who made it clear to the outlet that Aredondo did not “respond” to the department’s request for an interview about his reaction to the shooting:

“The Uvalde and Uvalde CISD departments are cooperating with investigators. The CISD chief had an initial interview but did not respond to a request for a follow-up interview two days earlier. “

However, this may not be the whole story.

According to the outlet, “fifteen minutes later,” Concepcion appeared to oppose his earlier follow-up interview comments when he said Dallas News It was “absolutely wrong” to say that the law enforcement office in Texas did not cooperate with the investigation into the DPS shooting:

“Uvalde PD and Uvalde [CISD] Collaborating. Many of their staff have been interviewed and given statements to investigators, so it would be a mistake to identify the two departments as non-collaborators. “

Moreover, Concepcion apparently did not “explain” to the media why he had previously said that Aredondo was ignoring the state agency’s request for an interview.

It’s not just Daily message Report on the issue, is; According to ABC News“Multiple law enforcement sources” told them Tuesday that the city police department in Uvalade is not Or School district police are cooperating with the state’s investigation into the massacre. That’s not good.

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Per ABC News The Texas DPS director, after reports, the two Uvalde law enforcement weapons decided to stop cooperating late last Friday, Colonel Steven McCrae, Announcing at a press conference that the police’s decision to delay entering the classroom during the shooting went “wrong decision” and went against protocol. In addition to the Texas DPS, the investigation into Sunday’s shooting and its aftermath, Dr. U.S. Department of Justice It has also announced that it has launched an investigation into the apparently unacceptable police response at Rob Elementary School.

Arredondo is particularly criticized for waiting to enter the so-called classroom where the gunman restrained himself from committing atrocities. According to media reports, he was the scene commander at the scene of the massacre and apparently instructed officers to wait “about an hour” before entering the room to be involved with the gunman. With an agent US border patrolAn arm of the federal agency Customs and border securityAllegedly arrived at the scene and “unilaterally decided to storm the building and shoot the gunman” although Aredondo had earlier instructed to wait. Daily message And others.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Arredondo was reportedly sworn in as a member of the Uvalade City Council after winning a previous local election for the position earlier this year.

Here’s more about that unexpected swearing-in ceremony and his explicit refusal to cooperate with Texas DPS investigators KENS 5 News (Below):

Both state and federal investigations are expected to continue – with or without the help of Arredondo.

[Image via KENS 5 News/YouTube]

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