The police chief of Uvalade school said they would start cooperating in the investigation

The Uvalde Combined Independent School District The police chief is finally explaining why he and his team abruptly stopped cooperating Texas Department of Public SafetyThe investigation into the devastating mass shootings that took place Rob Primary School Last month. And his response is as cowardly and misguided as his reaction to the active shooter.

As you know, 19 students and two teachers were tragically killed in Uvalade, Texas, when an 18-year-old man opened fire in a classroom, leaving police officers standing outside for “about an hour.” In fact, according to the report, what they seemed to do at the time was to prevent frustrated parents from entering the building and to help their children with handcuffs and pepper spray. Journal. So annoying.

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Now, the police chief is again apparently failing to co-operate in investigating the slow response of people in his community to the shooters. Pedro “Pitt” AredondoThe scene commander at the time abruptly stopped giving information to investigators – and is now explaining why.

When faced by CNNOf Shimon Prokupkej On Wednesday, he explained that he would resume cooperation “once families mourn.” WTF ?! Chatting with Shimon outside his office, Pete announced:

“We are not going to reveal anything. People in our community are being buried. We will be honored. “

When given a chance “Explain [himself] To the parents, “as Simon put it, Pete replied:

“It simply came to our notice then. And whenever that is done, once the families mourn, then we must do it. “

Oh … what a sensible way to make it sound. It is wonderful to think that any one of these families will one day “give up mourning”, especially those who have lost a child. We must remember that Pitt’s voice was not hostile in any way – he clearly did not understand that the pain that these families are experiencing today will never subside. And, TBH, this seems like an excuse to delay sharing more information, which, of course, we’re sure all these families are interested in!

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Interestingly, he further claims that he and his team are “communicating with DPS every day” although the reports argue otherwise. Huh. See full exchange (below).

Sadly, Pete is not the only one trying to keep quiet about the genocide. New reports suggest that journalists will now face arrest and prosecution if they are caught reporting on the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District property, including the police office. Similarly, the County District Attorney, Christina MitchellHas also issued an evasion order on the investigation (details below).

It is heartbreaking to see how these people in power are doing their best to protect themselves – or rather (not speaking) – to do the same for elementary students and teachers whose lives were taken too early.

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[Image via CNN/NBC News/YouTube]

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