The priest confesses love in the church sermon – but then the concubine reveals that he was

Man, it’s gotten a lot worse, so So Fast

A pastor received a standing ovation Sunday at his Warsaw, Indiana church for confessing to adultery. Then what did they hear Really Happened.

Pastor John Lowe II He told the New Life Christian Church that he had cheated on his wife with a woman, which began “about 20 years ago” and continued “for a very long time.” He made it clear that this was a singular matter, saying:

“One person is involved and no one else. I have sinned. I have to say it and you deserve to hear it. “

After apologizing to “those against whom I have sinned”, he publicly stepped down, citing the board’s recommendation. As we have said, his church did not rebel – they actually praised his honesty! Of course after hearing that His The direction of the story. But one man didn’t want to give it up: the woman he had an affair with! Or should we say, Girl.

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A woman stood up, walked on the stage with her husband and grabbed the mic His Story. He said he lived in a “prison of lies and shame”:

“For 27 years, I was in a prison. It hasn’t been 20 years. “

Why would that detail be so important? Oh, because of his age when the “affair” started!

He explained that he was “a victim” and would still be imprisoned in that silence, covered by people, if his brother had not shared with him something he had seen “as a teenager” so many years ago:

“Her priest is in bed with her younger sister.”

That’s right. She was a teenager and she was his younger sister. He went in front of the crowd all Sunday to clean things up:

“I was 16 years old when you took my virginity on the floor of your office. Do you remember that I know you do. “

16 years old. He has decorated this girl, there is no other way to see it! And on the floor of the church office? Shh!

Now, we need to mention that 16 is the age of consent in Indiana, which … already when you’re talking to an adult, not with another teenager, is obese! However, he was also her priest. This is a position of power, a teacher is no different than having sex with a student. It’s a foul.

He said his brother was not the only one who saw things to protect the community leader and remained silent year after year. He said:

“People knew but were too scared to come forward.”

He also blasted his so-called confession, saying he was “not a victim here” because he wanted to convey the facts of his BS version. He announced:

“The church deserves to know the truth. This church is built on lies, but not anymore. “

He directly accused her:

“You did something to my teenage body that was never done and shouldn’t have been done.”

Upon hearing these allegations, the church members demanded an answer from their current ex-priest. He finally admitted:

“She was 16 … it was wrong. I can’t fix it. I can’t do it any better. It’s just like that … If I could go back and do it again, I would. I can’t.” , And all I can do is ask you to forgive me. “

Well, if people get upset because they don’t forgive enough, then what? Disgusting. What’s more, he didn’t come forward on his own will, as he implied. In a statement after the video went viral, the church explained that “this long-held secret was first made public when a woman from the church came forward and revealed her relationship to various people in the church.”

“When the church leadership confronted others about the report, Pastor Lowe personally admitted that adultery did, indeed, happen. The woman in question and her family were present together and addressed the congregation, indicating that inappropriate sexual behavior first occurred when she was 16 and continued to be 20 years old. She describes in tears the life she has lived through in the years that followed. ”

See? He did not repent – he was caught! As he said, his brother spoke to him and he realized that he was lying “to save the Lo family” because he thought “a terrible man.” It was only now, in his 40s, that he realized he had become a victim.

Speaking of which, is it too late to judge? Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office said WANE There is an ongoing investigation. We need to see if there is anything that can be done after so many years. But at least it’s open now!

See the heinous conflict (below):

[Image via Facebook Live.]

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