The real reason is that Rob Kardashian was not at Courtney’s Italian wedding to Travis

We’ve all been put together Courtney Kardashian And her husband, Travis Barker, After their star-studded wedding in Portofino, Italy! But at least one person must There is not Keep in touch with Cravis – and no, we’re not talking Scott Disc! (Although he didn’t. Womp, womp.)

As we have previously reported, Rob Kardashian Was from MIA Castello Brown For this last weekend’s incredible A-list event, and her absence was not uncommon among online Kardashian fans and those reporting on the wedding break!

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But now, more reports about out Why She wasn’t in the gorgeous Italian city for her 43-year-old sister’s big day!

A source spoke “close to the socks designer” And! News A report released Tuesday morning states that Robbie had a “significant absence” from the event. In the chat, the insider explained why Arthur George Instead of trekking to the beautiful European locale, Frontman decided to return to El Le:

“Rob Courtney didn’t feel comfortable attending the wedding because he didn’t like a visit. It’s not just his thing, and he’s got to be very personal. “

Fun! We know he’s historically a pretty personal, low-key guy, of course. But it is clear now that Rob is apparently taking a step forward now.

Fortunately, Push The founder was not at all upset that his younger brother had not come out for the wedding. The insider went on to explain that the mother of three is behind the Lord, whether he shows it or not:

“Courtney and the whole family understand. Courtney did not expect Rob to be present and knew she had some support. “

So that’s definitely nice!

The insider also saw Robb’s pressure for privacy more broadly over the years. In their disclosure to the news outlet, the source mentioned that Rob worked to stay out of the spotlight and grew up to be as private as possible:

“Rob likes to be out of the spotlight and keep himself. He would attend more private low-key events but would not like to be around the camera and at such events. “

A second source hopefully adds more to Rob’s future plans to celebrate with Court and his professional drummer groom, adding:

“Rob is excited to celebrate with Courtney and Travis when they return. He was missed, but there was a spirit. “

That’s beautiful!

And a source close to the court doubled the bride’s sheer joy over the amazing Italian holiday weekend. This insider echoed previous reports about the hot mother’s married joy without her younger brother:

“There was a real smile on his face throughout the night, and a glimmer of happiness.”


Even now a few days later, we still love to hear! Congratulations to Courtney and Travis again for living their fairytale wedding life, and for enjoying their happiness!

Rob, what do you think of Perezius readers?

In the comments (below) Sound off with your reception with the super-private Kardashian boy …

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN/Avalon]

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