The Rock sheds tears after surprising his mother with a new home!

We love to watch DwayneThe Rock Johnson The most adorable way to take for her amazing mom !!

The 50-year-old pro wrestler-actor surprised his 73-year-old mother Ata Johnson, With a new home over the weekend! And her reaction to walking through a perfectly-designed dwelling is seriously the sweetest and most heartwarming thing we’ve ever seen!

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The Bewatch Star eclipse Instagram To publish something big on a two-day weekend, and her fans are delighted to find the development of such a healthy and amazing family story!

It all started with a hulking movie star showing a video of her mother walking through the front door of her new home when a version of it Above the rainbow By the late Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakauioole Played at the top.

The Rock began with a recollection of his difficult childhood:

“When I was little, I hated when my mother would cry. These days, I would gladly accept her tears of joy.”

From there, she revealed that she had made life-changing purchases for her beloved mom and worked with a team for eight weeks to prepare it all! The actor explained how he wanted to keep it at home forever:

“I surprised my mom and bought her a new home. It took me and my design team 8 weeks to prepare it, where she could walk through her front door for the first time and what she saw was completely new and completely amazing. I was lucky enough. I’ve bought him a few houses over the years, but it’s special because he’s told me over the years, ‘After a lifetime of traveling, I want this house to be my last. It’s my dream.’


He added:

“Mom, there’s nothing better than making you happy. Welcome home.”

Very beautiful! As you can see in the video clip of her first appearance at the amazing house (below), the A-list star hung a sign reading “Le Samoana” above the front door, also to make her mother proud. Descendants of Samoan:

We are not crying, you are crying!

In the next two IG videos, The Rock gave his mother a full tour of the house, pointing out important landmarks and design choices. One of them is a vintage eucalyptus quince collection house on the wall, as well as an old photograph of his mother’s childhood decades ago in Samoa.

The star explained:

“I’ve been able to find pictures of our ancestors that he hasn’t seen since he grew up in Samoa.”

And here’s more on that part of the house:

Finally, The Rock’s “SmackDown Room” shows fans full of memories of her son and wonderful old wrestling and movie memories.

The superstar celebrity herself doesn’t want to spend too much time in a personally-centered place that leans towards room existence. But as she explained, she liked that her mother worked to catalyze many memories in her career:

“This is her favorite house to bring guests and this is my favorite, because the last thing I want to do is stand at a DJ shrine while people look around while my mother takes them through everything I do. But, the truth is, when I am on my own, the smackdown rooms he creates have such a positive energy and a beautiful mind. Always a good reminder for me to never forget where I came from and always be grateful for the crush.

How beautiful!

Check out the ch-ch-tout (below):

Amazing !!!

We love to see things like this. The Rock is truly honoring her mother’s sacrifice and hard work to give her a better life when she was younger – and now she is giving him the best life she deserves!

Such a great moment for the whole Johnson family!

[Image via Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson/Instagram]

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