The royal family prefers Prince Andrew to Megan Merkel, sources claim

When Queen Elizabeth invited Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry to the Platinum Jubilee, many hoped that the ceremony would eventually give the warring factions of the royal family a chance to be chopped up and buried.

Of course, there were those who hoped that the four-day international investigation would reveal dysfunction and hostility within the Windsor group.

Many of the so-called journalists who created the British tabloid press were members of the next group of disgruntled trolls.

These people disguised their contempt for Meghan as the concern of the Queen and the Crown, but many of them allowed Jayanti to slip off their masks last week, marking it as a disaster.

Meghan and Harry on the anniversary

It certainly wasn’t, but the worst teams are currently inventing disaster and putting the blame on Megan.

The main hater is Dan Wootton Daily MailWho claimed that members of the royal family were shocked by Meghan’s behavior last week.

In fact, Uton claims, the Queen and Company were so moved by Meghan’s “isolated” separation that they now think she’s a bigger detriment to the family name than Prince Andrew.

Megan, Andrew

Yes, we are talking about Prince Andrew who paid his sexual harassment victim with money borrowed from the Queen.

Dan Uton is trying to sell the royalty’s favorite story That guy To Meghan.

So yes, either Wootton is severely deprived or members of the royal family. Probably both!

Meghan Merkel at the Platinum Jubilee

“I learned from some members of the royal family and many senior courtiers were horrified by the isolated and cold presence of the exiled couple, who decided to fly out of the country before the Queen even built her historic Buckingham Palace.” Wrote in the last column Mail.

According to Uton, guests were promised that members of the royal family would wait in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace to “meet and chat” with them during an event.

Disappointed guests who were left to fend for themselves with the royal exclusion “were told by the organizers that it had turned down the invitation to attend the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”

Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry return!

Clearly, this is the equivalent of the many atrocities that Andrew has been accused of.

“The family is no less a companion than Prince Andrew Harry and Meghan,” an unnamed “royal insider” told Uton.

“People may be surprised, but the family seems to have done nothing wrong. They have to believe.”

Andrew and the Queen

Uton blames Harry and Meghan for flying home on Sunday afternoon instead of the formal end of the jubilee.

Again, this is apparently worse than the numerous trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking island, as Andrew did.

Now that they are at home, it seems that Harry and Meghan have not yet escaped the long reach of the royal microscope.

Meghan Merkel emphasizes a smile

“The court is now closely monitoring whether Harry and Meghan will release any pictures of their weekend in the UK in the coming weeks or months, especially their meeting with the Queen,” Uton wrote.

Jeez, considering the Royals Harry and Meghan are worse than a literal sex offender, you’ll find a way to get so obsessed with Sussex!

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