The saddest thing about Stranger Things Season 4 is that it will miss the Easter Egg …

There are many reasons to break the heart of the viewers for Will Byers in its new season Stranger Things. No less than the tragic new haircut. (What we boys did in the 80’s, good lord …)

But there is also the fact that after being abducted upside down and occupied by Mind Flair, he was saved only to be lost randomly. All season she has been ignored by her mother, her best friend and her rock big brother, who are too focused on men and women in their lives. Oh, and how Netflix Apparently reluctant to let him openly talk about his growing homosexuality – we mean, what is it, Disney +??

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However, the saddest aspect is apparently left as an Easter egg, seen only by the show’s most avid fans. Did you see it

On a camera at the skating rink where Eleven takes Mike to a date that turns out to be more catastrophic than expected, you can set the exact date: March 22, 1986.

Stranger Things Eleven Skating Rink
(c) Netflix

Why that matter? Back in Season 2, when he was in possession, Joyce could only find out Will by asking him personal questions. He revealed that March 22 is his birthday.

Yes, that’s right. The whole day, when everyone was focused on relationships and secret labs and evil magicians… it was Will’s birthday the whole time, and no one remembered. His whole family has forgotten! That is, in the more public Nightmare on Elm Road, CarrieAnd Poltergeist References, Duffer Brothers Hiding another huge tribute from the 80’s: Sixteen candles!

See, obviously Max Storyline, with its emotional depth and Kate Bush The soundtrack is catching everyone’s attention… but think for the poor Will Buyers! He does not have the mountains to run!

But hey, at least Noah Snap Killing in the game of his endless desires …

[Image via Netflix.]

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