The teenage boy died after a mound of sand collapsed on him during a family trip

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A young man died when a pile of sand suddenly fell on him during a family trip to a state park in Utah.

According to reports, Ian Spendlav He was digging a tunnel Coral Pink Sands State Park on iTunes Saturday when the hill falls and traps him under thick sand.

Utah State Park officials say they were informed by a family member that the hill had collapsed. State Park law enforcement rangers and deputies from the Ken County Sheriff’s Office used shovels to dig up the boy and crews rushed to the scene in an attempt to rescue the 13-year-old.

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After finding Spendlav about six-and-a-half feet under the sand, he was given CPR and the vibration returned, according to FOX13. He was flown to a local hospital on a life flight before being transferred to the Salt Lake City facility – where he was pronounced dead on Sunday after failing to regain brain function.

The cause of the catastrophic landslide is under investigation. Park Rangers said it happened quickly, adding that the boy was rescued about 25 minutes after the hill fell. A press release from State Park officials reads:

“The Utah Division of State Parks extends its condolences to the friends and family of Ian Spendlov affected by this tragedy.”

Devon ChavezA spokesman for the Park Agency said The Washington Post He was not aware of any similar incidents on the site. In 2012, however, another teenager died after being trapped under a collapsed sand dune in Snow Canyon State Park, about 50 miles northwest of Coral Pink Sand Tune.

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Chavez urged future visitors to be safe wearing helmets or life jackets and to warn others about entertainment plans while in state parks, the publication said:

“Always reconnect with a friend or someone who can help you or go and get help ৷ and always let someone away from the area know where you are going and what your plans are.”

Officials echoed the sentiment on Park’s website, saying in a statement:

“Now that the recreation season is underway, Utah State Parks wants to remind everyone that a beautiful place to visit outside of Utah, safety needs to be a top priority.”

Please stay safe there, please readers.

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