The woman woke up from a 5-month coma to find out her fianc was already gone!

An Australian woman who almost died and then suffered a month-long coma put her fianc in the middle of a horrible experience – and now she’s talking about it!

Brie Duval, Now 25, was living in Alberta in August 2020 when he fell from a 33-foot-long retaining wall on a roof bar in the Canadian province. He first landed his head on the concrete below and suffered unimaginable injuries, including two brain hemorrhages, a broken rib and a severely broken back.

At the hospital, Brick was placed on life support and was in a coma after he was unable to breathe on his own. The doctors gave her only a 10 percent chance of surviving the ordeal – but miraculously, she did !! After a long five-month coma, he woke up again in early 2021.

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After regaining consciousness, he began to suffer the effects of post-traumatic amnesia, which prevented him from remembering things like his address and his phone’s pass code. Over time, things started to come back to haunt him, though. And three months later, she realized that she was involved with a man at the time of her terrible injury !!

As his brain slowly began to recover from the tragic accident, Brie recognized that he had been with his fiance for four years at the time of his fall. However, he was nowhere to be found as he began to recognize reality again. And when she looked at it, she discovered that she hadn’t seen him in the hospital! Like, not once !!!

I’m talking Regarding the horrific ordeal this week, Duval explained that he had “zero contact” with the man after the accident – as if he were a complete ghost. They’ve been together all those years and were getting ready for the wedding!

And it was only a five-month coma! E.g., Maybe After a few years of uncertainty and frustration we will understand if he goes ahead, or something else. But only a few months? At a traumatic time ?? And he never even came to the hospital?!?! Like, what was the last few years together, then ??

What is the real event ?!

Duval explained to the outlet that his ex had even gone so far as to block him on social media! But, like, why ?! He did nothing wrong! He had a terrible accident !!

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Brie explained that he learned more about this after Dude New Girlfriend – with whom he has already left (!!) – reached out to him after feeling guilty:

“I was blocked on every single platform, including his phone. I only got in touch with his new girlfriend. He sent me a message that he was insecure and forced me to block everything. Go to the figure. I was still in the hospital. ”

This whole thing is crazy! ** What a thing to do to someone! It’s usually shady, and then serious injuries and ghosts like her in a COMA ?! Never!

Duval explained his heartbreak and shock at the outlet, adding:

“I am still deeply hurt by his actions. I have no reason or closure as to why he did what he did. I just feel so much pain, I can’t explain the depth of the pain he gave me. Four years later, I was incredibly surprised. We have been best friends for years. I never thought it would happen in a million years. Especially at such a horrible time in my life. I thought he was my soul mate, but I was wrong. “

And while the former bar manager is doing his best to move forward both physically and mentally, it is clear that the scars will remain for some time.

As he reveals, he is trying his best to get past things with his ex, but his alleged actions have seriously damaged his faith. It’s understandable! Duval explained:

“Not just in a romantic relationship, but in a relationship in general. It has led me to distrust people, especially those with whom I am close. I try very hard not to let her distrustful actions affect my relationship and life.”

Without the horrible ghost, though, it sounds like Brie is in good spirits.

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After going through many events in Canada, he returned to Perth to be with his family. Now, he is working to restore full mobility while continuing the recovery:

“I can now eat alone and I can now walk without help without a walking frame or wheelchair as my back was broken in an accident. I still have numbness from the waist down but I have adjusted my walking style so that I can walk again. I am taking a vacation in Australia to recover with my loved ones. It will take some time to recover, but I hope to return to work next year. ”

Love it!

Duval has already been taken away Tick ​​tock To tell his story. He is using Monica HotComaGirl113 In that social media app – a consent Rebel WilsonIts character who was suffering from a 20 year long coma in the 2022 film Senior year.

Ironically, in his first post on the viral site, Duval Wilson’s character expressed wisdom about how beautiful it looks to come out of his coma in a movie. As Brie explains, the reality is somewhat different:


Real Coma Experience vs. Senior Year Coma Experience! #fyp #coma #braininjuryawareness #braininjurysurvivor

♬ Original word – HotComaGirl113

Yes !!

Love that she can laugh now! It shows great resilience on her part and gives a good indication for her future as she continues to recover the things that make up her life. We are rooting for her!

However, this ex-fianc is really …

Feedback, fan reader ??

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