This woman is cheating on her boyfriend by recognizing his thumb

Now we call it some top level detective work!

A woman recently found out about some of the main (and logically weird) clues on social media about her boyfriend’s way of cheating. What were those hints, you may ask ?! She recognized the order of her breakfast naturally And Her thumb in a snapshot posted by another woman Instagram Account

No, we’re not kidding! She actually realized that it was her male thumb in the picture!

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As a social media user jeddamindtricks Explained in a video posted Tick ​​tockShe was scrolling through the platform when she saw a picture that looked like her boyfriend’s favorite breakfast items – juice, coffee, an omelette and toast – and the opposite number.

He wrote above the photo:

“While you’re cheating on your boyfriend, you recognize his breakfast order and thumbs up in other girls’ Instagram posts.”

Yes! What a way to find out if your guy is cheating on you! But also, it is seriously impressive that he only spread it out on a food spread and body part!

When someone in the comments section asked for more information about the girl being a “mutual friend”, he revealed that he had reached out to the girl and found out that the man had been cheating on both of them for more than two years.

UGHHH, seriously dude ?! That’s just awful!

Women shared:

“He told me not to involve him in public so I would continue his business, because he lied to both of us. He was going through the same thing as me. But basically none of us knew that the other one existed. Everyone had a different excuse when I met him. I’m not sure he’s still there, but I haven’t had any direct contact (after a lot of gaslighting). “

Hope not!

And the worst thing is that now the ex-boyfriend claims to the woman that he is not cheating at all. He continued:

“He still maintains he didn’t cheat hahaha. It all happened just like a week ago, but when I compared what he and I knew, I realized he had been cheating on me for almost 2.5 years. “

How she stumbled upon another woman’s account, she further spread that her man was behaving suspiciously and naturally, she decided to go deeper into things by pushing her ‘village’ while out of town with some friends. . And you know what happens after that thumb was caught in the hand!

Tiktokar writes:

“She was really suspicious and away with friends so I followed her IG and watched the boom. If I had found it sooner, he would have played the perfect BF. “

Some people have the courage, huh!

You can check out the viral tick video (below) ch-ch-:


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♬ Omji he might be crazy – Troy

Sadly, he was not alone!

Many people took to the comments section to share their stories about how their partner’s infidelity was caught:

“I recognized the shoes I bought for her birthday in her Instagram story. I asked her and she said they weren’t hers. She was wearing them.”

“I heard him say a word in the background of his story haha”

“I recognized my ex legs in another girl’s Instagram story. They were lying together on the sand on the beach and she just posted her legs but I know.”

“Hahaha I knew a friend was looking at an ex from a photo on his wrist … I found my people”

“Same! I ordered breakfast and recognized the marks on his arm. “

That’s great.

While there is no doubt that it must have sucked for her, it seems to have become a blessing in disguise!

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[Image via @jeddamindtricks/TikTok]

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