Thomas Merkel suffered a clear stroke; Samantha Merkel blames Meghan

From the moment her romance with Prince Harry brought her to the global spotlight, Meghan Merkel’s strained relationship with her father has become a constant source of fascination for the international tabloid press.

Thomas did not attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding and when pressured about the reason for skipping the ceremony, he claimed he had a heart attack.

Some have accused her of forging an emergency, others have accused Meghan of putting so much pressure on her father that she needs to be hospitalized.

Now, a similar debate is taking place following the news that Thomas had a stroke.


According to TMZ, the latest health scare occurred in Tijuana.

The site reported that the 77-year-old retired lighting director was taken to a hospital in Chula Vista, California, where he is still receiving treatment.

Thomas did not offer an update on her condition, but sources close to Meghan’s father say she is resting.

Thomas Merkel in 60 minutes

“Peace and rest are the best,” said Samantha Merkel, son of Thomas and sister of Meghan.

During the emergency, Thomas was in the presence of his friend and podcast co-host, Carl Larsen.

“She could not speak and then she wrote that she had lost her voice and had a stroke,” Larsen said. Our weekly About health fears.

“A neighbor took him to Rosarito Hospital and then transferred him to a hospital in Chula Vista across the border. This was last night. The neighbor was with him. “

Thomas Merkel in Good Morning Britain

Larsen told the outlet that he and Thomas had launched their podcast with the goal of improving Thomas’ relationship with his daughter.

He claimed that Thomas hoped the project would “bring the two of them together” and that “Megan was still mad at him for taking PR pictures four years ago.”

However, Carl admits that Thomas’ plans to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next month have not been made clear to Meghan and that “the two never had plans to meet.”

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth

Of course, Meghan’s beef with Thomas went beyond the decision to pose for a few stage paparazzi photos.

Thomas sold Megan’s personal letters to the media and made a career out of hitting her in the press.

Samantha has benefited from a similar plight, and not surprisingly, she gave an interview this week where she happily blamed Meghan for her father’s latest health problems.

“My dad is recovering well in the hospital. We want privacy for the family, for his health and well-being,” Samantha said. Daily Mail Before focusing on Megan this week.

Samantha Merkel

“How much she has been tortured and how much suffering she has had to go through over the years for my sister’s negligence is a matter of deception. It is unforgivable.”

In a recent interview Good morning BritainThomas has revealed that he has not spoken to Meghan since his previous coronary event.

“The last time we talked – in fact, we didn’t talk, we just texted each other – I was lying in a hospital bed after a heart attack,” he said.

Meghan at the Invictus Games

“I had to tell them I couldn’t get married. At the time, we said goodbye. “

Thomas said he then spoke to Harry who was “of a kind dirty nature, so I stopped him,” adding, “and this is our last conversation.”

The plan to join Thomas’ jubilee seems to have been at the root of Meghan’s desire to make the celebration uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel in NYC

Now, however, it is unlikely that he will be able to make the trip.

We wish Thomas a full and speedy recovery.

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