To bring Jim Bob and Michelle Dugar: Well, you can stay with us while Josh is

Josh Dugar was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison by a federal court in Arkansas this week.

News came about six months after Josh was convicted of child pornography.

Several members of the Duggar family came out to support Josh at the hearing, just as they had during his trial.

Among them was, as always, his long-suffering wife, Anna Dugar.

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar throwback pictures

Witnesses say Josh did not show any emotion when the verdict was announced.

Moments later, however, he appeared to fight the tears as he left the court.

Despite the news that Anna has considered divorcing Josh, it seems that there is every intention to wait for her because she has finished her long sentence.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

“Anna was not shocked. Although he is relieved that it is over. Now comes the tough decision, stay and wait for Josh to come out or start his life without him, “insiders told In Touch.

“Some of her kids will probably grow up with their own kids when their dad goes out.”

Josh was arrested and taken to prison at the time of his sentencing in December.

Josh and Anna go to court

But now, he will serve his sentence in a federal prison that will serve as his home for the next 12 years.

“Everyone sympathizes with Anna, she’s living a nightmare, and she needs a wake-up call,” the insider continued.

“Although I will tell you one thing; Josh’s nightmare is about to get worse.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

To bring, he will probably move to a new home of his own.

Jim Bob and Michelle have invited Anna and her seven children to “stay with them” inside the infamous Dugar compound.

Anna and her children lived in a kind of makeshift house on Dugar’s property.

Anna, Jim Bob, Michelle

As a mother of seven without real-world job skills, she will rely on Jim Bob and Michelle for financial support wherever she lives.

But having sex with her father-in-law could be a far cry from Anna, especially in the report that she fought with Jim Bob and Michelle during Josh’s trial.

“It will be interesting to see what he decides to do,” the insider said.

Duggar, Anna's picture

In Minville, Amy Dugar also offers Anna a place to stay, but you can be sure that Anna won’t take her for granted.

Amy celebrates when Josh is convicted, and she openly encourages Anna to separate from her predatory husband.

“You don’t have to be trapped by lies. You don’t have to be trapped. You are not trapped,” the mother of one told In Touch in a recent interview.

Picture of Anna Keller Dugar

“It simply came to our notice then. That just literally scares what to do next, you know? And heck, I hope he’s fine. “

Anna says she tried to contact Anna and tagged him in an Instagram video where he spoke on behalf of Josh’s victims – including his wife.

Not surprisingly, this kind of content seems to have failed to attract attention.

Josh and Anna Dugar get fancy

“There’s no response,” Amy said.

We will have more updates on this evolving story as more information becomes available.

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