‘Today Something Breaks’: Princess Diary Star Heather Matarazzo Explains

Oh, this really hurts!

Heather Matarazzo This week was a rough one and really decided to open up about it.

The former child star, whom you know as Don Weiner from the cult classic Welcome to Dollhouse Or in the royal BFF Lily Princess diaryAcceptance Twitter To let his frustration with the industry fly, delete after tweeting:

“It simply came to our notice then. I have crossed the line in the game that the universe is playing. I’m tired of finishing my work. I really miss the king. “

He continued:

“I am feeling the pinch because I think I did it for a long time, without any complaints. I have accepted frustration, rejection, etc. and maintained that rejection is redirection. I had unwavering faith in the universe, but today, something is broken. I feel like a cast on one side … I’ve given my life to acting for over 30 years. And I just struggled to survive. “

Before deleting, he ended his satire with:

“I just need a win. A life-changing victory. Because it’s not. F ** k. “

Ah! We really feel for Heather here! It’s a rare glimpse into the other side of Hollywood that you’ve never seen, with industry professionals downswing, who just can’t take a break.

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This is apparently the case for some time before he opened up in a 2017 interview Guardian That he thought of committing suicide a few years ago where he could not find work:

“I was like, ‘What kind of sick and twisted universe is this?’ The fact that I’m still here is a miracle in itself. “

He explained in that interview how he could not make a lot of money as a working actor – who was not a movie star:

“Most people think I probably get a lot of money. But I don’t really do that, and most work actors don’t do that. I beat King Prius and for more than two years I bought my first pair of new shoes. The actors have this ‘untouchable’ and created image, where they live this extravagant, beautiful life. But in reality, it’s not just experience. “

He even said that he was considering supplementing his income by driving for a lift. This is real life, all of you.

Lots of love went to Heather’s direction after her posts with co-actors and fans sending messages of support.

But on Friday afternoon, Heather commented that she had received unexpected attention, eased the concerns of the most serious fans, and made it clear that it was a temporary disappointment:

“Apparently this was a slow news day this week and my multiple tweets made tabloid strings. Let me start by thanking everyone who reached out to me via DM, text and email. I really appreciate it and yes, I read them all. “

He continued:

“I would also like to share: we are all human beings, including myself. When I shared my frustration with where I was in my life / career the other day, it was just a moment. Anyone who has had a major career string almost like this in the last few months would probably feel very similar. I can now see that my choice of words was a concern to Mon and that is something I regret. “

Finally adding:

“The biggest lesson I can learn from this experience is:

1. Twitter is not my friend.

2. Instead of tweeting about my feelings, I’ll go straight to friends

3. If no friends can be contacted or I do not like to talk, I will write in my trusted journal.

4. My community is the best and I am the luckiest person. “

We are very happy that he got so much support. And while we realize that he doesn’t want so much attention at such a low point, we appreciate the brutal honesty about Hollywood – not something we see much of.

For Almost, We just have to say that we are rooting for Heather. We were tickled to see him back new Scream The mother of the two best characters for the movie, and Boot. We hope all the casting announcements about the next installment are coming, we’ll hear about Randy’s sister Martha’s return soon!

Lots of love, Miss Matarazzo!

[Image via Disney+/Heather Matarazzo/Instagram.]

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