Todd and Julie Crisley had to go home after the conviction – but under these

Todd And Julie Crisley They may not be behind bars yet, but they will still be subject to strict rules while waiting for their upcoming sentencing hearing.

After the couple pleaded guilty Tuesday to a 30 million fraud, the couple was remanded in custody on bail if they followed certain rules, including location monitoring, house arrest and spending caps.

Arrangements have been made for their conditional release Crisley knows best The stars’ probation officers will provide their location monitoring technology to track their “community movements.” Parents must follow the rules of a home detention program using electronic monitoring equipment or other location verification systems.

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Worse still, they have to pay the bill – as the court documents read:

“You must pay all or part of the costs of the program based on your ability to pay as determined by the probation officer.”

Surprisingly, Todd and Julie have to stay home all the time, regardless of their job, education, religion or medical reasons. They are allowed to see their attorney or appear in court in person, as well as other activities pre-approved by the judge or their probation officer.

If they buy anything over $ 1,000, the duo will also have to loop off their apprenticeship officers about their expenses – which may not be easy due to their tendency to complain about being short of money.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 6, in Atlanta, Georgia, but the pair’s attorneys said in a statement that “an appeal is planned.”

Both have repeatedly denied the allegations against them. After accusing them of tax evasion, bank and cable fraud and conspiracy in 2019, the father of Reality TV said in a statement that the former employee Mark Braddock In a bid to “take revenge” on the couple, he told the press:

“She took a bunch of forged documents to the US attorney’s office and told them that we had committed all sorts of financial crimes, including tax evasion and bank fraud. Whatever he did, they realized it was all nonsense and they sent him on his way. [He] A different set of investigators in the U.S. Attorney’s Office persuaded him not only to reopen the case but also to acquit him of prosecution for his own crimes and to bring charges against us.

Whether they like it or not, it looks like Crisley will be extra socially away this summer.

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