Todd Crisley’s daughter Lindsay ‘sorry’ for conviction

Lindsay Crisley Her father’s conviction is crowded with convicts.

One day later Todd And Julie Crisley Her 32-year-old daughter was convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion Instagram To express his frustration with the fans, he revealed that he was “deeply hurt” by the way the trial ended.

Above is a photo of her and her son JacksonPodcaster writes:

“I know most of you are expecting to hear from me on my podcast this week because I took the time to be with my family last week. The verdict is not what I expected or prayed for and I am deeply sorry for myself, my son and my family. Pray for us in this difficult time and know that I will return when the time is right. Thank you for your continued love and support. “

Lindsay’s support for her father is sweet, no doubt, but it’s a complete 180 from how she felt. Crisley knows best The patriarch – whom he previously called a “monster” for threatening to reveal his sex tape in an alleged blackmail scandal with his stepbrother, Chasing.

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Out of curiosity, the Coffee Convos The host finally gets his claim back, alleging, in fact, there was no tape. During her appearance in court before the trial, Lindsay told the jury that she no longer trusted her father – from whom she had been separated for several years – and tried to extort money from her. It is also noteworthy that the judge reprimanded him for not taking the questions seriously.

As fans know, Lindsay is the eldest daughter of Todd and his ex-wife Teresa Terry. He divorced his high school sweetheart Terry in 1996 and married Julie later that year. The 53-year-old and his second wife went to greet Chase, 26, Savannah24, and Grayson16.

The pair were charged in 2019 with 12 counts of tax evasion, bank and wire fraud and conspiracy. A South Carolina resident has denied the allegations, blaming the former employee Mark Braddock To use “a bunch of fake documents” to get “revenge” on the couple.

During the trial, prosecutors claimed that Todd and Julie “created documents” to borrow more than $ 30 million from the bank and to hide funds from the IRS. The couple’s lawyer said in a statement that he had been convicted Our weekly The pair were “disappointed” and were planning to appeal.

A sentencing date has yet to be set, and Crisley will remain at home until that hearing.

Thinking about Lindsie’s reaction?

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