Todd Crisley’s former business partner claims they had a homosexual relationship – and paid

Todd CrisleyFormer business partner is claiming something amazing!

If you don’t know, Todd and his wife, Julie Crisley, Being sued for bank fraud and tax evasion. According to the complaint, the prosecutor believes Crisley knows best The stars submitted fake documents to the bank while applying for a loan – and Julie submitted false credit reports and bank statements while trying to rent a house in California. These allegations were bad enough… but now that their trial is underway, more skeletons are being found in the closet! And they are not alone there …

According to a bombshell report from Business InsiderTodd’s business partner Mark Braddock The ongoing federal fraud trial in Atlanta on Tuesday testified that he had an affair with Todd!

According to Mark, the reality star cheated with Julie for almost a year in the early 2000s. What ?! And when the so-called relationship ended, the couple did not sever the relationship but had been good friends for years – even comparing it to a “brotherhood”.

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While working for Todd’s foreclosure management company, he claims, the two men began receiving anonymous texts threatening to expose them for their fraud and their secret relationship – unless they paid some cash. Read a text like this:

“Pay the cash and we’ll shut up.”

Mark claims he spent a total of $ 38,000 to keep the incident low! Todd was withdrawn from his bank account in four payments of $ 9,500 before being handed a “little bag” to deliver to blackmailers. Wait, then Mark had the money, but Todd was the guy in the bag? The only one to contact “Blackmailer” ?? Man, does anyone else find that sauce ??

But for Todd, Mark wasn’t the only one doing this for years …

He further claims that he helped the reality star to commit bank fraud for several years because he still has feelings for the 53-year-old. He confessed to fabricating documents and submitting them to banks for financial gain, as well as disguising Todd in emails and phone calls – to his knowledge.

However, things explode when the alleged ex-boyfriend falls out, causing Todd Mark to be locked out of the office and threatened to call the police. Later, Mark says, he wanted to play the flute and go back to his ex. He created fake email accounts with fake names to report Crisley to the government and news agencies. Shh!

In his opening remarks, the family attorney said Bruce Morris Mark was “engrossed” with Todd and later said he wanted her to be. The lawyer repeated these feelings during his interrogation, but Mark denied the claims.

Wow … this is definitely a wild case so far!

In the past, Todd has talked about rumors surrounding his sexuality and at one point even called the rumors “flattering.” He said Dominic Natty Show Back in 2017:

“It’s frustrating for me, it means I don’t agree with being gay. I don’t believe you have a choice. I believe you are the way God made you.”

The father of five then mentioned that he was happy before the joke that “people think I can lie on either side”:

“My wife must be happy that there are as many women as men want her husband. That being said, I will never face a drought. “

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