Tory and Zach Rolf: Yes, our third child is also a dwarf

Tori and Zach Roloff have finally answered the questions of the minds of the little people, the Big World fans everywhere.

Yes, the couple confirmed in an interview with Our Weekly this week that their child has the same condition as his father and his siblings, brother Jackson and sister Lila.

“She is Josiah. She has achondroplasia, but she’s not like Josiah the Acandroplasia, “Jack told the magazine about the couple’s three-week-old son, who was born on April 30.

(Achondroplasia is the same form of dwarfism that TLC stars and the couple have older children; with Jack’s parents, Matt and Amy.)

Interview with Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff

Rolf stressed here, however, that achondroplasia is the only feature that Josiah has.

Among many other features.

“Just like I’m Tory, my hair is brown,” Tory explains to us

“I’m not a brunette – for example, I wouldn’t classify myself that way.”

Zach and Tory Rolf and son

Tori and Zach are so far lucky about how this condition has affected their children.

In January, however, Jackson came up with a method to help her lower legs straighten or at least improve.

“As his legs grow, they hope he will straighten out, and we will be able to avoid more aggressive surgery,” Tory said on Instagram a few months ago.

“She paid extra to keep her shoes from touching her ‘boo boo’ while walking, which made them look more humble, but they weren’t changed and she didn’t feel any pain.”

“We hope that in the next five to six years, the pigeon’s toes and head will bend.”

Tori and Zach Roloff poster

Zach has, of course, struggled with achondroplasia all her life … until Tori got to know her husband.

“It’s very normal for us,” Tory tells us, listing members of the Rolf family who have achondroplasia.

“We have a lot of resources and there are a lot of parents who don’t have the same resources and … Jack and I don’t have the same confidence in everything we do.”

For this season, Tory says he and his wife always plan to be a lawyer for dwarfism, that they will always use their platform to help others in the same situation.

This Rolls!

“We’re going to be advocating for people because of the dwarfism of our children,” Zach said, adding that when Tory agreed, he simply said:


Tory and Zach have been married since 2015.

They announced Josiah’s birth via Instagram earlier this month.

Tory & Sons

Josiah Luke Rolf was born on April 30, 2022! He arrived about two weeks ago but we were ready! Zach jumped on social media at the time, adding:

“I am very happy for our family and the kids already love her. Proud of Tory too, he has done an incredible job! “

In his own post, Tory writes:

“The best birthday present a mom can ask for! We love you sweet boy!”

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