Tory Banan and Dean McDermott are just intimate at this point, the source says

It’s between Tori Banan and Dean McDermott – for all intents, purposes and orgasms –

For months now, you’ve probably been reading about the tension between the actress and her husband, who shared five kids … but apparently something else at the moment.

For example?

A new report alleges that Spell and McDermott don’t spend much time in bed together.

Tori spell red carpet picture

“She’s working tirelessly to make more money and focus on things other than her troubled marriage,” an insider recently told our Weekly of the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum:

“She doesn’t often wear her wedding ring and doesn’t sleep with Dean.

“Their intimacy is quite non-existent.”

Such claims are not surprising to those who are paying attention to this famous couple.

Tory and Dean in 2021

The stars got married in 2006 after McDermott cheated on his spouse with his then-wife.

Last year, however, the spelling caused a great deal of controversy when he removed the word “wife” from his Instagram bio.

From there, he did not publicly acknowledge the couple’s 15th wedding anniversary in May 2021, although neither side of the relationship mentioned their 16th anniversary last month.

At least not on social media.

Dean McDermott in 2015

In June of last year, meanwhile, the spell hinted at the tension between him and his wife when he told Jeff Lewis that the couple had stopped sleeping together.

“Right now, my kids and dogs are sleeping in my bed,” he told the host Jeff Lewis LiveHe added that McDermott was away for a while while shooting a movie and said:

“Ever since he left – it’s not good, you guys – but since he left [and] He went to another country for six months, they were all with me.

“So I still have four people in the bedroom who haven’t been able to go back to their house yet, yes.”

Spell Tory in 2019 and Dean McDermott

Banan and McDermott have a 15-year-old son named Liam; A 14-year-old daughter named Stella; A 10-year-old girl named Hatty; A nine-year-old boy named Finn; And a five-year-old boy named Beau.

McDermott’s son Jack, 23, shared with ex-wife Mary Joe Eustace.

In December, the spell looked like a divorce was imminent.

However, both are legally married.

Tori spells and Dean McDermott together

According to the second US Weekly Insider, however, this is only due to the ongoing money hassle between spelling and McDermott.

“They know divorce is going to be expensive and it’s not something they’re going to do right now. They are both trapped, ”the anonymous person explained.

“It makes it harder to have children because they don’t want their children to be unhappy, yet at the same time, Tori has been dissatisfied for some time.

“They really are together for their kids.”

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