Tory Rolf: The story of my birth was boring. But my postpartum has been wild!

Tory Rolf has a story to tell.

It’s not an exciting one.

Or a particularly significant one.

But, hey … he was asked about it. So small people, big world stars so happy!

Tory Rolf in a video

Towards the end of last week, as part of a Q&A session on Instagram, Tori was asked about her latest labor and delivery.

“Josiah’s Birth Story?” One user simply asked, referring to Tory and husband Jacques’ third child, who was born in April.

“I mean, it was pretty straightforward …” Tori said, laughing at her own reaction:

“The water broke. It went into the C section. The baby was born 3 hours later.”

Tori, picture of Josiah

There you have it.

Unlike his brother-in-law, Audrey, who received some feedback for the extreme details he provided when it came to the story of his last birth … Tory didn’t feel the need to share much.

But he is Tori Did Explain what life was like for him From Giving birth.

“The postpartum was wild at this point,” Rolf added in a different subject box.

“We share some of it on LPBW, but it was a very emotional time. I am very grateful to my mother and our doctors / nurses at the hospital.”

Zach and Tory Rolf and 3 kids

Just a month ago, Tory shared the same feeling with fans and followers.

“I got a lot of messages about how quickly I got back,” Tory wrote via his Instagram story on Mother’s Day, emphasizing that social media should never be mistaken for real life.

“I’m all about keeping it real. You can see the best moments on Instagram.

“You see when we feel our best.”

Zach and Tory Rolf and son

The mother of three continued, repeating some of what she said – or hinted at:

“It simply came to our notice then. The hospital was a real nightmare (not because of the hospital, it just happened) and I’m grateful for all the help we got. “

Rolf added that he had been warned about “how difficult C # 3” was, noting that he had “not remembered such pain” from his past birth experiences.

Oh, huh?!?

Tory & Sons

Tory and Zach are the parents of a five-year-old boy named Jackson and a two-year-old girl named Lila.

“My pain at home the first night was so bad that we called about 911. Luckily I was able to track it down with medication after that,” the popular TLC personality continued in May.

Tory continued his message on a subsequent Instagram story slide, revealing that he was “finally back with it and feeling better.”

Veteran Little People, a member of the Big World cast, said retrieving “was not easy” and urged his social media followers not to “compare themselves to Instagram”.

Long Tori post

This is very good advice for everyone.

On Mother’s Day, Tory wanted the universe to know that her third child was really great.

“Thanks Josiah is the easiest child,” Tory wrote.

“He was very calm and calm with what we did last week.”

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