Tragic audio escape ‘Mastermind’ reveals Vicky White’s angry final words

Now that Casey White Back in the back of the jail, police are trying to pick up the pieces and answer the long-standing question of his escape from prison.

All we know for sure is that the murder suspect was helped to escape from the Lauderdale County Jail late last month. Vicky White. After fleeing for 11 days, they were cornered in a motel in Evansville, Indiana, and escaped from police and U.S. marshals. Vicky died of gunshot wounds, the only shot fired in the chase, apparently automatically – to avoid arrest and prosecution. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

As we have heard from law enforcement sources, Vicky was instrumental in the escape. Most of the preparation work had to be done outside. But was he more than just a willing collaborator?

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Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton Now Flat-Out says he believes his employee was the “mastermind” behind the breakout. His first clue? He said News NationOf Brian Antin That he doesn’t think the prisoner was “smart enough to plan everything.”

Singleton also said CNN As the prison’s assistant director of correction, Vicky can escape without any hindrance to make sure he is in a “position” – and he will be able to get out of prison with his men:

“He knew the booking officer was not going to interrogate him, the assistant director, when he told him he would take him to court and drop him off with the other staff.”

He continued:

“He made the arrangements, bought the car, sold his house, got the cash, bought the clothes for her, you know, he obviously put the plan together.”

Casey’s lawyer agreed, telling the outlet “there was no way Casey planned this escape – it was very systematic, it was very planned.”

This kind of picture of our case turns heads. We think of Vicky as a pawn in a conspiracy to describe a person described as “evil” by her dead ex-loved ones. But can you be a doll and a mastermind at the same time?

A new bit of proof we have to go is a partial audio recording of their capture, which was recorded by the police. The bits of the final conversation between whites (no relationship, BTW) are pretty telling. He was heard calling for shots as their car crashed shortly after the chase, saying:

“The airbags are closing. Let’s go out and run. “

He is then heard blaming Cassie for their impending capture, muttering:

“You had to stay at some F ** King Motel.”

This could be her last words to her apparent boyfriend in reality.

Hmmm. He may be the boss, but it doesn’t seem easy to tell Casey White what to do. Understandable, tbh. According to Antin’s report, Casey’s new home is William E. The Donaldson Correctional Facility, Jefferson County, Alabama – a high-security prison where specialists specialize in “behaviorally difficult” handling of detainees after their conviction on new charges.

What do you think happened in this case ??

[Image via Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office/US Marshals Service.]

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