Travis Scott’s first March drop from the Astroworld tragedy is over 1

Travis Scott Merchandise is back in the game – and he’s apparently doing very well for himself.

The Astroworld The rapper dropped a merchandise on Friday, pushing a new collaboration with it Nike For something Travis Scott Air Trainer 1 A series of shoes, as well as pants, jackets, shirts, and vests. This is his first merchandise move since the horrific incident Astroworld Festival Tragedy has struck, and it suggests, along with other recent public encounters, that he is trying to get himself back there.

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According to TMZ, Kylie JennerWith the help of a highly loyal and aggressive group of fans, its partners jumped into the fray. To that end, the outlet reports that Travis and his team “need to create a raffle to make everything fair,” since there was supposedly so much demand for his products.

The raffle itself focused on the shoes, with more than a million people trying to get one of the shoes by signing up in just 30 minutes. Win!

According to News ORG, the source said that the web developers allegedly set up “anti-bot protection” to prevent the bot from controlling the product only to resell it to later fans. According to the outlet, Travis’ previous business moves have been “some of the most smuggled online,” so it looks like Houston Native will want to suppress it as much as possible.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that this is the first Nike Colab launch for Scott since the Astroworld tragedy in November last year. Apparently, through this and some recent performances he is making, the rapper is trying to get himself back there again.

Fans also reacted to the release of Travis’ product on Friday. As you can see (below), some were skeptical of Scott’s style feeling with the new Colab:


Others have expressed their skepticism about the intense demand for the product, suggesting through it Twitter Bot and / or reseller activity may be at fault (below):

“It’s really good for a guy to get rid of that.”

“Don’t be fooled, most are bought with bots and resellers”

“His music is mediocre to me but those shoes are tough.”

“Bots and resellers at work, he didn’t announce it and magically sold so much in 30 minutes. Yeah right.”

“I’ll never buy that rubbish.”

“It looks a lot like Kanye’s Nike Yezzy club but you still fire.”

“800k bot entry”

“It’s all for one pair of Nike Mid.”

“These shoes aren’t tough enough for everything.”


Thinking is certainly interesting, we guess.

Think, fan reader?

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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