Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly ‘Over’ – Again!

Another couple bites the dust!

According to People, Minka Kelly And Trevor Noah Again they decided to go their separate ways. A source told the outlet on Wednesday that the 41-year-old actress was “now unmarried”, noting that she had the “best attitude” about it and wasting her energy on the relationship when she was not alone.

“She is OK. She would rather be unmarried than waste her time with the wrong person.

Another insider close to the ex-couple also confirmed the divorce, revealing that they had not been an item for some time:

“They’ve been breaking up for a while.”

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As you may recall, Trevor and Minka first met in August 2020. A source said People At:

“They are very happy. This is a very serious relationship. Together they are planning for the future and this is a very stable relationship. They’ve been spending time on the coast for the past year, looking for a place in LA as a couple. “

About a year later, though, reports surfaced that they had announced they were leaving. However, their separation did not last long! Sources later shared in June 2021 that Minka and Trevor wanted to give their relationship one more chance and are making it a talking point. ET:

“Trevor and Minka are getting things done day in and day out. They’re spending more time together and they’re both happier. Their feelings for each other really never go away and after taking some space, they realize they’ve missed each other.”

The pair were found to be accustomed to “on-the-off” romance again, as explained by a different trustee. Our weekly At:

“Minka and Trevor are on and off. Now they are together again. They realized that they were both happier to be together than to be apart. “

While the couple was infamously private with their relationship Friday night light The star confirmed quite a bit that things were getting stronger between them and posted a picture from their South Africa tour with Noah in January, calling the trip with her boyfriend a “vacation of a lifetime”.

Before anyone could hope for a future reunion between the two, another insisted People That they are “officially finished” this time. Why did they break up for good? The source claimed Daily show The host eventually “was too focused on work and didn’t have enough time for the relationship.” But it looks like Trevor is already back there! Internal added:

“She’s back in the dating game, too.”


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