Tristan Thompson Charms Chris Jenner with Mother’s Day bouquet

Although Tristan Thompson seems innocent after years of cheating, he knows that others do not see him that way.

He is convinced that it is important for Mama Chris Jenner to be on the good side – perhaps more so than Khloe.

Over the weekend, Tristan was smart enough to communicate with her on Mother’s Day.

His overcharge got him a scream from Chris.

Tristan Thompson makes a face

On Sunday, May 8, Chris Jenner received flowers worth a garden.

A gorgeous bouquet came from Tristan Thompson.

The pink and white floral arrangement was photographed and shared on social media.

Chris Jenner IG Tristan Thompson Mother's Day Bouquet 2022

In his Instagram story, Chris wrote: “Thanks @ realtristan13 !!!”

Then he said: “I love you.”

Not everyone will say the same thing about someone or her who has cheated and insulted their daughter many times.

Chris Jenner - I'm sorry I'm so emotional

In April 2018, Tristan Thompson was exposed to the world as a fraud.

His pictures and videos with multiple women have surfaced.

Later that week, Khalo gives birth to True, but still lets him go to the delivery room.

Tristan Photo

Khalo has known for a long time that the world does not understand his decision.

He explained that as people were afraid, he felt that this was the best thing to give birth to the “perfect” truth.

Not having a cheating dad with Perfect, a smiling smile for the camera as if nothing was wrong.

Tristan Thompson hangs out

However, Khloe did not abandon Tristan, and eventually told his relatives to unblock Tristan.

In 2019, that has changed, and not for months due to rumors of fraud.

Instead, the “ultimate straw” seems to be Tristan giving Jordin Woods an unsolicited kiss, a good friend of Kylie Jenner’s (at the time).

Khalo Kardashian is walking, talking to Tristan Thompson

Although Kholo seemed dead to overturn Jordan’s life (and for a while, he did just that), he had a different attitude toward Tristan.

Khloe and Tristan met during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Of course, even a deadly airborne virus has not stopped claiming fraud, a model that publicly revealed its relationship with Tristan in early 2021.

Khloe Kardashian shows herself cooperating with Tristan Thompson

The model believed, as many people did, that Kholo and Tristan were still over.

Khloe – tired of hearing people’s opinions about his mistake – decided that it doesn’t matter if he’s back with the serial cheater.

This gave Tristan the perfect cover to work with his penis as he apparently looked fit.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have come together

Khloe broke up again with Tristan in the first half of 2021.

However, in October of that year, when Travis Barker proposed to Courtney, Kholo took Tristan back to his heart.

This means that they were almost certainly still together when Tristan’s youngest child was born to a woman who sued him for paternity.

Tristan Thompson has a snack suggestion

Now, Khloe and Tristan are gone, but still working as 4-year-old True’s co-parents.

At this point, his fans would love to believe that it’s really, really over.

But given Khloe’s track record and Tristan’s apparent aspirations to be more attached to the family than just Tru’s father, it’s hard to say for sure.

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