Tristan Thompson truthfully enjoys the time of parents when open Kardashian

Tristan Thompson He spends most of his time with his beloved 4-year-old daughter while being a former partner and current co-parent. Khalo Kardashian Thousands of miles away!

Of course, Kholo-Tani’s big sister is in Italy this weekend to celebrate Courtney KardashianIncredible love story with husband Travis Barker. And when Revenge Body The host enjoys it Push In the stylish European country Portofino, the founder’s lovely show, Tristan and True are back in the country and bringing it to life!

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31 years old NBA Star eclipse Instagram He was at home with his beautiful daughter on Friday night to have some great fun! In a series of photo and video posts on her stories, the Canadian-born basketball star referred to herself and Truth as “Twins”, dropped a few heart emojis and … allowed her to style her hair!

Check out some adorable highlights, including Tristan’s new wave, courtesy of True, as well as the fun quality time of the pair together without mom in the neighborhood (below):

Tristan Thompson is truthfully enjoying the time of parents when open Kardashian Courtney's Italy wedding is off!
Tristan comes to have some fun with amazing truth! / (C) Tristan Thompson / Instagram


We love to see that! Tell me what you will do about Tristan (and we sure do), she sure loves to be a girl’s father!

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Of course, Tristan’s gruesome story with Khloé has become a recurring theme in the family’s new streaming series, The KardashiansWhich is being broadcast Hulu. In the latest episode of the series, which was postponed to Thursday, The Naked to look strong The author told Tristan that he would “never leave” their family, despite the breakup of the former couple’s significant relationship.

As Perezius readers will remember, Kholo told him in a clip from the show:

“We have a very strong family bond. We’re great classmates, and we’re great for mixing families We learned it from my mother and my father. … Scott is never leaving and like Kanye [West] Never leaving. Looks like you’ll never leave. We are all here forever. বা Whether you like it or not, we are family. “

In a confessional interview during the same episode, Khalo doubles Tristan’s feelings and anxieties as a father, explaining to the audience (below):

“Tristan is very protective of his family. He doesn’t like people talking about any of us. It’s really cute and that’s how I think everyone should be. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. “

So it now tracks Tristan up and out with True while Khloé is out of town on the weekends!

And we love to see it!

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[Image via Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian/Instagram]

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