Twitter went wild after showing a leaked video of a completely naked Jesse Williams

Okay, this is something Super NSFW Content on a Tuesday morning… so dive into it! LOLz!

Jesse Williams Acting on Broadway at the moment Take me out, A show that tells the story of a gay pro baseball player approaching his teammates and the world As part of the well-received performance, which debuted last month, the 40-year-old actor had to drop his drawer and show up. All Products on stage.

And now, after a video from her completely nude performance has been leaked, let’s just say that many NYC theater-guys are very, very, very Too much Joyfully surprised! Yes!

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Full-frontal (and highly NSFW) footage was leaked on social media on Monday. In the clip, Jesse is seen standing on the stage in a scene of a very steamy shower in the play. And you can see everything !!! (And, yes, that’s a lot!)

This is interesting – and related to TBH, because viewers need to keep their phones sealed before the event so that they can Can’t Do things like this! According to 2nd stage theaterIts website allows visitors to hide their phones and other smart-tech devices Yondr The case is “for the respect and support of our actors and for creating a phone-free space.” The only way to recover from this is to go to the lobby and use an unlocking tab after the show! What happened then?!?!

To be fair, not all was bad for Monday Gray’s physiology Star: He’s got one Tony Award Nome for the best performance of a popular actor in a play that day too. So people are taking news of his work in various ways!

Still, he must have felt some sort of way about the leak. Although Williams’ team has not yet commented publicly, last month, he did speak out Page six About her initial hesitation to do a full-nude scene on stage. Informing the outlet that he was “terrified” of the thought during an interview in early April, Williams later added:

“Then I realized that this is what I wanted from God. I asked in fear. I was told to do something that was scary and challenging and it didn’t make me earn and make me feel alive and well. “

That’s definitely one way to look at it!

And on Monday night, before the dazzling pin was published online, Williams joined Take me out Co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Watch Live What Happens Chat about drama. Talking to the host Andy Cohen About his live theater experience, Cabin in the woods The star says:

“It’s a body – once you see it, you’ll realize that whatever it is, it’s a body. I just don’t have to deal with it so big.”

You can see Jesse all Monday night Bravo Take that topic here:

Williams is right, of course! But does anyone still feel that way about it even after going online and promoting it ?!

Speaking of the internet, oh, boy, what is their reaction?

Williams name trend Twitter Throughout Monday night and until Tuesday morning, fans have shared their shocking response to seeing the star performer’s amazing package! Here are some of Jesse Johnson’s (below) adoption:

“Jesse Williams is the whole package and now everyone knows.”

“Please Jesse Williams Lord”

“We’re driving NY to see Jesse Williams on Broadway when we talk.”

“Anyone who leaked a picture of Jesse Williams’ D **: Thank you Lord for your work and I wish you a great harvest this season.”

“Thanks to everyone who took one for the team and snatched the camera on Broadway to give us these Jesse Williams videos.”

“I just saw a picture and video of Jesse Williams completely naked in that Broadway play … my GAWD.”

“I saw Jesse Williams was the trend and I didn’t understand why people were talking about it. I got it now.”

Ummm … yes!

We are not going to link to it, since it has been leaked illegally But if you’re into this kind of thing, you probably know how to do some (NSFW!) Snooping around on Twitter. Just talk! Yes!

Also, we’re leaving it here (below):

LOLz !!!

Feedback, fan reader ??

Sound off (below) with your take down in the comments.

[Image via Watch What Happens Live/YouTube]

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