Two workers rescued after falling into chocolate tank at M&M factory!

The first responders go for a run Mars That makes the factory M&M Candice in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on Thursday

Employees called 911 when two of their own could not get out of the chocolate jar. It is not clear if there was chocolate in the tank at that time; Initial reports claimed that the sweets were up to the workers’ waists, but later hints seem to have ruled out that possibility. Fox 29 Philadelphia.

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Regardless, fire crews rushed to the scene in Elizabethtown and eventually had to cut a hole in the tank for rescue. The first worker was released at 3:10 pm local time, the second worker was successfully removed about 15 minutes later. Both victims were taken to hospital for observation, although their condition remained unknown until Thursday night.

Now Occupational safety and health administration Investigating the incident.

A spokesman for the Mars brand told local media outlets that the company, which makes M&M candy and Dove Chocolate in that particular place, “extremely grateful for the quick response of the first responders.”

There’s more on the adhesive situation here, since Fox 29 Philadelphia (Below):

That’s great.

Really a very 2022 story really.

[Image via Fox 29 Philadelphia/YouTube/M&M’s Chocolate/YouTube]

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