Uvalade school shooting: The little girl survived with blood stains on her body and

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

On Tuesday, we learned more about the horrific elementary school shooting that took place in Texas.

As we are reporting, just two days before the children were to leave for the summer holidays, 19 students and two teachers were tragically killed in a horrific attack by an 18-year-old man who entered the school to commit a horrific act. .

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Now, new reports are coming in about the conditions that the fourth graders in that classroom had to go through, inflicting unimaginable atrocities on the gunman building. Late Wednesday night, family members of a student in that classroom – publicly identified as 11 years old Mia Cerillo – Talked to a local Texas media outlet about the little girl’s horrific experience on Tuesday.

White RiveraMia’s aunt said CPC And other outlets that survived his niece’s “played dead” horror. Serilo’s teacher, Irma GarciaDuring the horrific affair, she was shot dead by the assassin, at which point the little girl realized that she needed to do what she could.

Thinking quickly when the unimaginable event happened, Mia was able to keep herself out of the shooter’s sight to call 911. Rivera explained that the girl apparently picked up her dead teacher’s phone to call the emergency services while the attack was going on. Rivera says the quick-witted young woman realized she too had to look like a dead man, so the shooter wouldn’t come back for her.

Rivera explained to the outlet:

“Mia, get some blood and apply it on yourself so she can pretend to die. It’s too much for me to do that scene over and over again, but my sister-in-law said that she saw her friend covered in blood and she got blood on her body. “

That’s great. An 11-year-old man is forced to go through it, and it is amazing to see the presence of the mind to save himself from seeing such panic around him. We were amazed at its resilience – and terrified so many young and innocent people who would ever go through it.

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It’s also significant considering the 10-year-old story Amery Joe Garza, Who was killed in the attack. Garzar’s “best friend”, who was apparently covered in blood after leaving school, described the girl’s tragic death to her father. (FWIW did not mention Garza when retelling Rivera Meyer’s story, and it is not yet clear if Garza and Cerillo’s experiences are connected.)

Mia was shot and wounded, but was rushed to a hospital and has since been released. Rivera has published her current medical prognosis in the media:

“My brother said he had a bullet in his back.”

Subsequent events have also proven to be mentally and emotionally challenging.

Rivera explains that within hours of the incident, around midnight, Mia began struggling to cope with what happened in the attack:

“My sister-in-law called me in the middle of the night and she was just crying, ‘I think it hit Mia. I think now everything has come true. ‘

Oh no

Rivera explains that the family is desperately trying to work through the events mentally, spiritually and psychologically:

“Right now, we just have to pray and ask God to help us move forward through this situation, I know it’s like traumatizing.”

We can’t even imagine what it would be like.

There are more stories of Mia’s survival from here KPRC2 News (Below):

Such a heartbreaking situation. There aren’t many more words that can properly address this. We send all our love and prayers to Mia and the rest of the people who have experienced this horrific tragedy in Uvalade.

[Image via KPRC 2 News/YouTube]

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