Uvalde Pediatrics reveals the true horror of the wonderful mass shooting

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

We are going to be honest with you. Our first reaction to this testimony was to stop it and never think about it again. It’s that annoying.

However, many of our legislators – and how ruthless their cheerleaders are here in the real world – despite the tragedy after tragedy, we thought, we thought … Hey, maybe this is something that needs to change. Maybe people need to hear about the horrors that are going on. The damage that these weapons do to children’s bodies is unimaginable for most people – making it easier for them to ignore school shots. And if we’re ever going to get any common sense gun law passed, we need people to stop ignoring what’s happening.

Dr. Roy Guerrero Uvalade is the only pediatrician, the worst school attack site ever. He went to Rob Elementary School that day to treat those injured in the shooting. And on Wednesday he described what he saw before the House Committee on Surveillance and Reform on Gun Violence.

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Again, he was the only pediatrician in town – so several of the victims were his patients. These were his familiar children. Of course he went to help. He remembered:

“I rushed to the hospital, shouting the names of the children outside the parents and crying out in frustration and tears as they begged for any news related to their child. The cries of those mothers, I will never be able to move from my head.

He found the 11-year-old patient Mia Cerillo At the hospital, she has known him since he was a newborn. She survived by spilling the blood of her classmates on her clothes. On him Lilo and sewing T-shirts he said he then feared he would find his 8-year-old sister Elena Among the dead he recalled:

“I heard from the nurses that there were two dead babies who were transferred to the operating area of ​​the hospital. As I made my way there, I prayed that I would not find him. I couldn’t find Elena. What I have received is something that no prayer can ever alleviate. ”

Yes. Don’t send thoughts and prayers to this man. Don’t do this.

Again, this is highly graphic. But as a society we should all be forced to listen to it. He described:

“Two children who were shot in the body were beheaded, whose flesh was mutilated that the only clue to their identity was a blood-stained cartoon costume still clinging to them জন্য clinging to life and finding nothing.”

He said he hoped these bodies were exceptions, others who were shot would be able to save. But “they never came.” The AR-15 is a weapon designed to kill the human body and it does its job very well.

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Dr. Guerrero called the legislators in front of him and said:

“Innocent children are dying all over the country today because laws and policies allow people to buy weapons before they are legally old, even to buy a packet of beer. They died because the restrictions were allowed to end. They died because there were no rules about where the guns would be kept, because no one was paying attention to who was buying them. I don’t understand whether our politicians are failing because of our stubbornness, inaction or both. “

He added:

“My oath as a doctor means I signed up to save lives. I do my job. And I’m guessing I’m here to plead, please beg, please do yours. “

Moving accessories. See full testimony (below):

[Image via ABC News/KSAT/YouTube.]

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