Uvalde shooters often threaten women and school shooting online week

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Some more disturbing details have emerged about the 18-year-old gunman who killed 19 students and two teachers. Rob Primary School Uvalade, Texas, this week.

According to multiple reports, see it Salvador Ramos The social media app had a reputation online for repeatedly threatening and harassing people – often young women – on live streams. Ubo Week leading up to mass shooting. On saturday The Washington Post The teenager reportedly posted content such as “Pictures of a Dead Cat” and joked about sexual harassment and violence. A 16-year-old Austin boy specifically recalls Ramos’ online behavior at the outlet, noting that he received a “death threat” from a gunman in January. He said:

“I saw him harassing girls and threatening to sexually assault them, such as rape and abduction. It was not like a single event. It was frequent. “

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He and his friends reported hooliganism and other crimes on Salvador’s account – but never heard from Ubo, and the account was active. In a video from the live chat room that users recorded and reviewed The postSalvador is heard to say at one point:

“Everyone in this world deserves to be raped.”

What f ** k.

An 18-year-old user named Hannah To say CNN That Salvador “shot at his school and threatened to rape and kill him and his mother” during a live stream session on Yubo. When he reported it, he said he only received a “temporary ban” and was allowed to use the app again. Hannah also told the publication that her behavior became increasingly worrying last week because she even turned on her webcam and showed a gun to her bed during a live stream.

Remember, Yubo has community guidelines that tell users not to “threaten or intimidate” others and to ban harassment and intimidation. Content that promotes “acts of violence, such as guns, knives or other weapons” is also prohibited. So thinking about how this kind of heinous behavior was allowed to continue!

And what’s worse is that these aren’t the only cool things that have been reported on social media apps. An anonymous female user who rejected her shared The sun That at one point he received these messages from her:

“You will regret not doing what I say.”

“Go jump off a bridge.”

He told the outlet that he often sent such messages to women who rejected him, explaining:

“He will tell people to lock their doors, not come to school tomorrow, just the classics that are happening on the internet. I never knew it would be published in this. The threats were mostly towards women in response to which they rejected her. He used to threaten to rape girls, he always said that he has the power to make us disappear, this is really a common thing you hear in apps like Ubo and Discord etc., which you have to ignore. “

In addition, he claimed that homosexual and racist hatred would spread during the Salvador live stream:

“He was a very gay, transphobic and racist man who must have been abusive and confessed his homophobia more than once in public. His profile had a video with the caption ‘When teacher doesn’t let me use bathroom’ and the man in the video is against black people. Uses abusive language.

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And before Rob killed 21 people at elementary school and shot his grandmother, Salvador began to signal that something was going to happen on Tuesday. One social media user said The post That he gave her the message:

“I’ll tell you before 11. It’s our little privacy.”

On the morning of the shooting, the gunman sent pictures of his two rifles. And when he asked why he sent them, Salvador never answered. He said:

“She is OK. He would talk about school shooting but no one believed him, no one would think he would do it. “

Following the horrific revelation, Ubo issued a statement The sun That it is investigating an account that has been removed from the app and is sharing any information with the police:

“We are deeply sorry for the inconvenient loss and are fully cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation. At this stage, we are not legally capable of disclosing any specific user information without a direct request from law enforcement, but we can ensure that we are investigating an account that has been banned from the platform. “

Just no words.

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