Valerie Bartinelli and her son upset over late reconstruction on Release Channel

Eddie Van HelenHer loved ones don’t want people to see a new TV show premiere in a few days that covers the last moments of the rock star’s life.

Late Van Helen Guitarist – who died of cancer in October 2020 at the age of 65 – is the focus of a new show. Release channel Call Autopsy: Eddie Van Helen’s last hour. In the series, a medical examiner leads viewers through the last days of a deceased star’s life, examining medical events and life events that lead to a person’s death.

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But that show doesn’t sit well with Angel Eddie’s son, Wolfgang van Helen. The 31-year-old musician also expressed his displeasure to the world on Wednesday. Twitter And sharing his very open views about release channels and their programming fares.

Writing about using his late father’s death as a TV spot, Rocker condemned the network:

“F ** k eReelzChannel, f ** k to all who work on this show, and make you happy if you watch it. Trying to glamorize someone’s death from F ** King Cancer is disgusting. Miserable and heartless. “


Here’s his full tweet, with NSFW Adult languages ​​included (below):

And he wasn’t the only one, either.

Wolfgang’s mother – and Eddie’s ex-wife – Valerie Bartinelli He also criticized the content of the release show.

Responding to her son’s initial tweet on the subject, the 62-year-old actress shared:

“Good Christ it is abominable.”

And you can see his tweeted response (below):

Any questions on what the family thinks about this series ?? Seems pretty specific to us.

FYI, Reelz is airing their hour-long special on Eddie’s October 2020, June 5th. In it, according to the show’s description, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter The “late Rocker” will “analyze every detail of his life” to gather what else could happen to his body, eventually leading to his untimely death. “

A spokesman for the release issued a statement following public criticism of Eddie’s family And! News In this regard, the network claims that it “responsibly investigates” the deaths of celebrities with the show. PR Flack added:

“The REELZ series generates a lot of feedback from our viewers, ranging from medical professionals to those who appreciate its scientific accuracy, fans who tell us to stop or become more active in their health benefits, and many who support health issues. Gaining perspective may not be the focus of attention. “

Still, online fans were not forgiving.

In response to Wolfgang’s initial criticism of the network and its programming, Twitter users did not hesitate to call the channel for their decision-making process:

“I lost my father to cancer last year. I spent the moment of his death with him. It’s not beautiful. It’s not glamorous. It’s not fun to see a body off. It’s 100% unnecessary. “

“I’m not big on this kind of show … and I agree with you Wolf. It brings back some horrible details in my mind that I know it hurts to think about. They have to work on a documentary to show how he survived, how. He died. “

“Of course never see it! Sorry, you have to go through this kind of thing, wolf!

“Why does anyone but family need to know this? If the family likes to share, they will do so with their closest friends. The public does not need to know. “

“It simply came to our notice then. Extremely disrespectful. “

“Respect the Rilge family, he was a great man, he treated people with respect and touched the lives of many of us with his music. I’m with Wolf … I’ve lost my parents recently and I don’t want them on any show. Very personal. “

That’s great!

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