Vivica A. Fox slams Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Self-Righteous’ Oscar comment!

Jada Pinkett Smith Finally addressing her husband Will SmithIts controversial Oscar Slap on Wednesday, but Vivika A. Fox There is a big problem with his comment!

Thursday episode Wendy Williams ShowIt became clear how upset he was when he heard that the actress had taken “no responsibility” for her role in the attack on him. Chris Rock During the award ceremony. ICYMI, Jada addressed the controversy in a clip on Wednesday Red table talk, Mainly just wishing that the men involved would one day be able to “heal” and “reconcile”. Apparently emotional when the issue arose, Viv explained his reluctance to comment, saying:

“It simply came to our notice then. These are my colleagues. I have done movies with two of them. Set up Jada and with Freedom Day With Will Smith, who has completely changed my life. When I saw this video last night, it made me cry, I will be very honest with you. “

That’s great!

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The 57-year-old reflected on this luxurious evening, remembering how excited everyone was to be honored for their role. King Richard. According to him, this is going to be a crowning moment of his career, he said:

“I really wanted to be a partner of Will Smith, whose career was shattered that night. We were all rooting for Will Smith that night – the night of the Oscars – we wanted him to win. Will Smith is going to be the crown of this generation as far as I was concerned that night Sidney PoitierWhich is a huge honor. “

And when he took the Best Actor trophy in a Leading Roll trophy, his achievement must have been clouded by big controversy. And for good reason, he slapped the stand-up comedian on live television a while ago!

Perezius readers know that the attack happened after Chris Jada joked about his shaved head, which Vivica thinks Jada did not properly acknowledge in his new statement about the incident. The To can play that game Alum continues:

“Will Smith was defending his honor, that’s why he went on stage and slapped me because he thought his wife was dissatisfied, so I don’t see any accountability as a partner. Also, let’s not forget, Chris Rock was humiliated. We can’t forget that it’s basically a joke that I really felt wasn’t bad. “

This is an interesting point, especially since it was not Prince of Bell-Air The first response to the physical power of the star. As we all saw in the footage, he actually looked at his wife before and realized that she was crazy AF! He then got up on stage and made a scene out of it, while Jada was seemingly smiling. So, we can understand why Viv thinks Jada is asking for an apology of his own – but, nonetheless, Jada was a joke. A joke that was about an autoimmune condition with which he is openly fighting. We’re not really sure he should apologize for that.

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Talk show guests were not hosted there. He also expressed frustration that the evening of the celebration – a night that was honored and created by so many diverse people – turned into a big debate, adding:

“Let’s not forget the show is executive produced Will Packer, An African American man. This night was a night of diversity for African Americans and brown and black people. That will be a stain forever. ”

The Keeping up with the Jones Lead Smith ended his emotional spell by expressing his “love” for the family, sharing:

“I love the Smiths. I know their children. I saw them grow up. I just wish we could have a little more responsibility and that doesn’t seem so self-righteous on Jada’s part and that’s my feeling. “

Listen to his full explanation (below).

What do you think of this response ?? Do you agree that Jada and Will could do more for the violent situation? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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