Wait, Jason Momoa supports both Johnny Depp and Amber Hard ?! How that

In response to the verdict Johnny Depp/Amber Hard The defamation trial was not the most encouraging.

Whether you agree with the jury’s findings or not, it is impossible to ignore the toxicity of the response. On the one hand we have seen some Amber supporters go so far as to think that Johnny is telling the truth they are being driven by a sexist insole or just a media smear campaign. We’re guessing that there are a lot of women who have shown support for Johnny – a list that includes Naomi Campbell, Florence Pug, Bella Hadid, Jema Chan, Paris Hilton, Rita Ora, Juliet Lewis, Kelly Osborne, Hailey Bieber, Joe Saldana, Riley KiofAnd Jennifer Aniston – There will be problems with it. Not only do they significantly insole, they also have the agency to create their own minds, inadvertently quite sexist in their own right.

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On the other hand, well, that gets a lot uglier. In addition to friends and fans, Johnny is being cheered on by more than one man who has been accused of abuse and other misconduct. The acquitted murderer Kyle Reitenhaus Tweeted that “Johnny Depp trial is just bothering me, you can fight lies in media and you should!” Hmmm. Even an official Republican Party account tweeted their support:


We have seen Johnny’s supporters harass other women who have made their own, completely unrelated allegations Disgusting. Even if you think Amber Hard is lying, that doesn’t mean all women are untrue. A.

In the midst of all this horror, there stands a strangeness. A peculiarity with fabulous hair.

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During the trial, one of Amber’s witnesses called for support Jason MomoaThe battle he put on her Aquaman Suffrage However, we couldn’t help but notice that he started following Johnny Depp Instagram. So where is his support? Yes, apparently the answer. He “liked” both Johnny and Amber’s statements about the verdict

Johnny said in his grateful post that he was “really humble” and “the truth never perishes.” And Jason approved.

Amber said she was “heartbroken that the mountain of evidence was still not enough” and was “disappointed with what this ruling meant for other women.” And Jason has given his virtual consent.

Followers who have noticed are just as confused as we are. And pee! Several have vowed not to follow him because of one like, another or both. Comments include:

“He likes Johnny, too, but you can’t agree with either statement, it doesn’t make sense!”

“Jason Momoar doesn’t have a backbone and it’s disgusting on both sides.”

“As a fan of Momoa for over a decade, I’m never going to see him that way. I’m sorry he didn’t do what was right. “

“Jason Momoa is very happy both teams tried their best, and he’s taking everyone for pizza.”

What’s going on Good Game of Thrones Alum isn’t talking about it, so it’s possible he’s befriending both of them and trying to walk that tough path. Is it possible that he was one of those people who “liked” the posts as a show that he read them – not a stamp of approval?

See, we have no idea how you can agree with both parties now. What do you think Momoa means?

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