What ?! In the real world, Julie Stuffer gets the green light from her husband

Well, things just got interesting on Real World Homecoming: New OrleansA

During the last episode of the actual series, Julie Stuffer Revealed her husband, Spencer RogersAllowed him to start something In the real world Roommate Jamie Murray (Picture above, left insert)! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

If you miss it, it all started when the 42-year-old reality star revealed in an earlier episode that when he and Jamie were seen kissing during the day in their original season, much more was lost after the camera left. After that they hooked up to a hotel and they started filming Extreme challenge In 2000. Although Jamie couldn’t remember if it had happened, Julie admits she probably remembered more details because the moment was a big thing for her at the time, because she grew up in Mormon:

“I’ll remember it more than he remembers because it was probably a big deal for me, isn’t it?”

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She kept telling her Rumki Matt Smith:

“It was like a culture of purity that I was, and I didn’t understand my body. You and I were in the same position, we were just kissing people and sex was not something you wanted to explore, it was something I wanted to explore. But I didn’t want it to be romantic. “

So obviously, Julie and Jamie had a history that probably forced her husband to worry a bit because they were living together. What’s more, the two have grown closer throughout the resurrection!

And after Spencer stops by the house for a brief visit, things Really Blow up! According to Julie, her husband found a playlist called “Rapping” on the way to the airport, which he shared with Jamie, and was “surprised” that something could happen to the co-stars because of their past dating. But here the situation took an unexpected turn! Following the playlist drama, he explained Danny Roberts:

“And then yesterday, I woke up to this super romantic text message from him and he was basically giving me a hall pass, telling me I could do whatever I wanted.”

What are you waiting for ?! Now, it is not uncommon for someone to react when they think that their partner has left their marriage! No wonder Danny was immediately shocked by the news!

In a confession, Julie mentions that when she was “almost tempted” to read Spencer’s strange message aloud to everyone, she decided not to. Instead, he reveals:

“It’s weird ** King. We don’t have open marriages. I’ve only been with Spencer and Spencer has been with me ever since we met. But we’ve always said strict monogamy is a really weird interesting thing because if you’re not careful it’s a It can feel like a prison. So it’s such a weird, interesting dynamic and I don’t know what to do with it. “

Apparently, Spencer is pushing you to run with it, girl! Good.

Danny comments that although he doesn’t really know much about the couple’s relationship or their “level of trust”, he thinks Spencer was probably “triggered” by his reunion. He added:

“It simply came to our notice then. There’s something about that Jamie that makes him feel insecure. “

Although Julie notes that her husband is “not a jealous person” and the problem seems to stem from the playlist, Danny believes the incident may have added fuel to the suspicions Spencer was already fighting:

“It’s called confirmation bias. … Here is your strong belief that both of you have to re-establish yourself in that. ”

True! In a confessional statement, Danio admits that if he had been in Spencer’s position, he would have “probably had some concerns” knowing that Julie and Jamie had “past attempts.” He added:

“Even though Jamie is very married, our feelings for other people are not likely to disappear in the thin air, and that’s all I’m going to say.”

Damn it! We’ll tune in and see if Julie decides to star in her “Hall Pass”! You can ch-ch-check the video (below):

Would you have reacted in the same way Spencer reacted to discovering Julie and Jamie’s playlist? Word off (below) with your response to the comment.

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