What ?? Kramer allegedly had an affair with DWTS partner Gleb Savchenko ?!

Can Jana Kramer He is accused of being involved in some extramarital affair during his past Dance with the stars?!

New reporting on Thursday claims at least that jaw-dropping. Multiple sources claim that the 38-year-old is believed to have had an affair with Country Music Kruner. Gleb Savchenko When she and Pro Dancer were filming Season 23 DWTS Way back together in 2016!

Holy s ** t !!!

It has been said in a published report Our weeklyInsiders claim that Jana, who was then separated from her current husband Mike CosinAnd Savchenko, 38, who was married at the time Elena Samodanova, “Hook Up During Shooting” as a dance partner for the hit reality TV contest series. Jeez !!

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Of course, Savchenko’s relationship has its own disgusting history – at least, according to his now-ex-wife Samodanova. Fan readers will remember that the couple, who shared two daughters, broke up again in November 2020 when he claimed that professional dancers were unfaithful during their marriage.

In December of that year, the Samodanovar representative presented everything there (without a name!), Saying:

“It’s no secret that Gleb had a relationship with former dance partners – and who knows.”

Ex-dance partner ?! Like … know?!?!

Gleb denied the allegations at the time, but later reportedly focused on the TV star Lisa Vanderpump There was supposedly an “emotional connection” with the dancer during her run on the world-famous show. Then, the infamous, real estate TV personality Chrysal Stage Allegedly, he became a “home racer” while dancing with Gleb And now this ?!

Kramer Mike Cosin Divorce Day Photo Instagram
Jana went through it with Mike. But did he get her through it ?! / (c) DJDM / WENN / Jana Kramer / Instagram

Although Mag stumbles across more details surrounding the alleged hookup, Kramer has addressed his own uncertainties about past relationships. This is old DWTS The allegations date back to 2016 when her now-ex-husband Cosin sought treatment for a sexual addiction – no doubt a painful period in the lives of Michigan locals.

And in the ex-couple’s 2020 book Good fightJana admits her own “fling and flirtation” in their pull-out split, writing at one point:

“I never really thought I was doing anything wrong. Correction. I knew it was wrong; I just don’t want to be a bad person. I justified my actions in my mind, just as I think Mike did. “


In the midst of all this, we’re still coming back to the latest Kramer-related news from the last few days, centering on her failed relationship with him. Ian Shinley. As Perezius readers will recall, Shinelli denounced Jana in a jaw-dropping interview published earlier this week, almost a month after the abrupt end of their six-month relationship.

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But besides everything, he also talked to Ayan a few days ago Our weekly These new allegations about Jana and Gleb!

On a newly-released and very burning charge, the former Navy seals Claimed:

“Jana admitted to me that Mike slept with two boys while in rehab. He slept with Gleb. He justified it by saying, ‘We’re legally separated.’ He even tried to meet Gleb when we were dating. He was doing a show in Nashville and he asked me if it was okay to meet him. I said, ‘Until there was nothing else,’ and he said, ‘ No. ‘ He never went and said it was out of respect for me. “

Oops !!

Now, what’s worth it, Jana has already come out with her own very strong denial about some of Ian’s recent comments. So it’s clear that these two accesses are still in each other’s throats with all of this, and there’s a lot of emotion-discussed, front-to-back s ** t in it.

Still, this new hookup report is really something! Looking beyond Shinelli’s claim, what would you do about this Gleb Savchenko complaint, Perezius reader ?? Think they have anything?

We definitely want to know more !!

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