Who lives and is Guillermo Roger married?

Even after the audience witnessed Cara and Guillermo’s first disagreement, the two are a favorite couple this season.

90 day engagement Fans often try to guess which couple will drop it in the corridor and which will exit it – or face delays.

Did Cara and Guillermo overcome their differences and tie the knot before their K-1 visas expired?

We now know the answer.

Guillermo Rojer responds enthusiastically to America with the prison bus

Who lives and married Guillermo Roger!

In touch weekly See Virginia Wedding Registry.

Court records show that Cara and Guillermo tied the knot in Albemarle County on July 23, 2021.

Cara and Guillermo for Season 9

This means that Cara and Guillermo will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary in a month and a half.

(Well, it doesn’t have to be shady, but only if they’re still together – we’re rooting for them, we can admit that things happen)

The chief deputy sheriff of Charlottesville conducted the civil ceremony.

Guillermo Roger and Cara Bus woke up together in Charlottesville

This was Kara’s first marriage. It was also Guillermo’s first marriage.

This is not surprising, since we are talking about a pair of twenty-something.

Court documents further reveal that the two shared an address in Rockersville, Virginia – Cara’s hometown (just outside Charlottesville).

Cara Bass and Guillermo Roger quickly fell for each other

All in all, we’re very happy – and not entirely surprised to see Cara and Guillermo take it down the aisle.

It is always statistically likely that couples 90 day engagement – Originally, not necessarily a spinoff – Married in the end.

When granting a K-1 visa, they spent many years in a relationship and invested a lot of time, money and passion for the relationship.

Cara Bass and Guillermo Roger won

Aside from a hefty dose of statistics and sinking cost illusions, it’s nice to hear that Cara and Guillermo are married.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Their age gap is only six years. These two adults, in their twenties, are exactly the same age as the dynamic Gibri and Miona. It’s nothing.

Guillermo and Cara on their way to America (90 day fianc S09)

And the “fight” between the two of them on screen so far has been … basically nothing.

Guillermo has made a good and valid point about asking for a computer. Who has made a good and valid point about the need to save money.

The only “red flag” was that they argued for an obvious solution instead of working fast (buy a cheap computer, like a desktop PC).

Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer ride in Punta Cana, DR

It seems that in the near future many of their conflicts are going to arise from outsiders.

From Cara’s uncle to ex, not everyone will welcome her hot fianc (and now husband) like Cara.

The season’s trailers have also evoked some jealousy, but so far, it looks like a couple that reminds us that non-toxic and loving partners exist.

Cara bus and Guillermo Roger sat separately on the flight

That said, early impressions can be deceptive and we’re only in four episodes

Couples may surprise us as the season progresses.

And some more antisocial viewers are already hating Kara, just as tired fans have predicted.

Cara Bus and Guillermo Rogers reunite at DR

When it comes to predicting things, we can say that the two of them will end up together after Carr’s friend falls.

In an Instagram post, a friend caption mentions Cara and Guillermo as married.

Now, we have truth confirmation, and we cannot be happy for them.

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