WHOA! Selling the sunset producer for allegedly telling Christine Quinn to ‘kill’

Christine Quinn A relationship is coming out with a startling and annoying complaint Sell ​​the sunset Producer

An attendance time Call her father In a Wednesday podcast, the 30-year-old real estate agent dropped some jaw-dropping bombs on some of the behind-the-scenes details of the popular Netflix Series – including how about producers and series creators Adam DeVelo Allegedly he was treated on set. Christine recalls a gruesome example where she once suggested that she should “kill” herself after complaining about the show:

“She is OK. In fact, he told me to fall down the stairs and commit suicide at some point. “

WTF !? Needless to say, it’s absolutely disgusting to ask someone to hurt themselves no matter what. The reality star also claims that there are multiple allegations against Adam – many, in fact, that he was instructed to stay away from the women in the series. Huh.

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But according to Christine, her specific events happened after she was “very honest” about the show for her choice in an interview:

“[I was] Being very honest was not the first complaint I filed against him. There was another allegation – where he could not keep his feet on the set due to misconduct with any woman in the office till date. It was horrible when, you know, he was screaming at me. It was terrible. “

Asked for more details about the cause of the incident, he continued:

“Originally, I gave an interview and I said, ‘No, that’s what really happened here’ – for which he was threatening me and yelling at me. And, you know, there were other people nearby. For reprimanding me.

This is not the first time Christine has claimed that there was a problem with the production being too open about her running. Sell ​​the sunset. In fact, he claims in his book How to be a boss B * tch At one point he was “fired by the production company (and then re-hired)” for being too frank in his confession:

“I mentioned in the interview everything that was completely fake – from our dialogue to our relationship, to our original list. Our clients don’t want to turn their homes into sets and most of them don’t want to be associated with reality TV. So the producers will feed our list, especially the new girls. There was dirt to share and my big shiny lips didn’t want to keep any secrets – I didn’t sign the ** Raja NDA! Of course, next season we all had to make a sign, you know, to protect the ‘magic curtain’ and all those bulls.

And he hasn’t finished spreading tea about production yet …

Fans know that Christine (obviously) never felt ashamed to say that not everything in the reality television series is real and that it will indicate if something is fake. And talking over Call her father In the podcast, he shared that there are actually “six full-time storyboarders” for the series, saying:

“What they do is they write the lines of the story and depend on how things change [the] The real world in our lives, they can twist the lines of the story. But we have six full-time storyboarders who make up stories. ”

For Christine, she has played the villain and has been at the center of the drama for the past five seasons. And it wasn’t until Season 3 Sell ​​the sunset The mother who “realized” that she could not “win” no matter how she behaved during the filming of the show. He explained:

“There was a time [when] I was actually talking about Mary in a scene and I saw my face as Amanja. And I didn’t say Amanja’s name. And then I was like, ‘What am I against?’ Even the office scene when Mary was promoted – that day was the best day we ever had together. We were very excited. We had so much fun. And it didn’t happen that way on camera. We were all hugging each other and liking, ‘Oh, my God, Mary, I’m so happy for you.’ We are all getting along. It was much better. But the producer told me to get out of the office. I probably walked out of the office 16 times and they were, ‘No laughing. No waves. No laughter. There are no waves. ‘ But as such, we are captives, aren’t we? We can’t leave until we get what they want. “

Geez … it sounds like the last few years Sell ​​the sunset Christine was not easy. Responding to his confession, Perezcious reader? The following comments are harmful).

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