Why (and when) Scott Disk finally stopped trying to get back with Courtney

Scott Disc Ready to move on for the better – now she knows for sure that things will never go the way they once did with her ex-partner and baby’s mother. Courtney Kardashian.

39 years old Flip it like disk Alum has a major storyline this season Kardashians On HuluAnd under her pressure, viewers see her struggle to accept Courtney’s red-hot romance with her husband. Travis Barker.

But it turns out, Scott apparently now All The path on the 43-year-old Push Although the founder still loves her, she finally realizes there is no going back in her relationship with her mother of three! It’s # Kravis4ever, honey!

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An insider spoke Our weekly A new report released Wednesday afternoon discusses Scott’s take on Courtney’s relationship with Travis. The timing is interesting, of course, the court just got married considering Blink-182 Drummer Twice – First in Santa Barbara and then in Italy – for the last few weeks.

But hearing the source say it, Scott knows the ship has sailed. In fact, can point inwards That’s right The moment when Lord Discus knew it was all over! As the source reveals to Mag:

“Once she gets serious with Travis, she stops trying to get him back. Her feelings for him aren’t gone – she’s always loved him – she’s having a hard time accepting that she’s married.”

That’s great!

And from there it ended forever …

The truth is that Scott and Court share a 12-year-old Mason9 years old PenelopeAnd 7 years old Kingdom It does mean that these two will never get out of each other’s lives completely. That might make it even harder, in a nutshell: it may not be easy to get close to the court when the 46-year-old tattooed drummer falls in love.

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To that point, fans of it Kardashians Will recall how Scott spoke to Court’s younger sister in April Khalo Kardashian About her feeling of being “excluded” from a famous family as her ex-boyfriend moves on:

“It’s hard to feel out of place and not say anything – especially when I have no other family to go to. I would rather be around them and not be around my family. Honestly I think for the first time in my life it has finally started to change. Now that Courtney is spending her life with Travis, as difficult as it is, it gives me a place to finally be able to move on. “

The Incompetent The founder did not stop there.

In fact, in that episode of the streaming series, he continued from his convoy with Khloé to add a particularly touching point to a confessional clip:

“It was a huge combination of losing Courtney romantically, but now it’s a huge adjustment to lose her as one of a kind best friend. Now we’re really more instinctive. I’d say it’s probably one of the hardest things in my life.”

Truly, to some extent, we feel for the man. It certainly doesn’t feel good to see your ex in such a spectacular and universal fashion. But also, Scott brought this a lot on his own! E.g., a A lot That’s a lot !! Just talk! Feedback, fan reader ??

[Image via Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram]

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