Why Tareq El Musa is ‘defensive’ with children around ex-wife Christina Hack

Things in between Tareq El Musa And his ex-wife Christina Hack It’s been a long time coming, especially when they try to navigate to raise their two children Taylor11, and Braden, 6, as exes. Unfortunately, this week s ** t really hit the fan.

Perezius readers know that Saturday is the new wife of Christina and Tarek Heather Ray Young He was caught arguing on the football field. We later learned that the controversy stemmed from a hack-like feeling Sell ​​the sunset The star has crossed her boundaries as a stepmother. A classic co-parenting problem. But Tarek and Christina’s third husband Josh Hall They have been seen bowing their heads, so what is happening between them ?!

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Dr. spoke with a new source Our weekly On Wednesday, the men didn’t really have much of a relationship (so their argument was probably to have a relationship with their wives). Trustee explained:

“Tarek and Josh didn’t hang out as friends and didn’t know each other well. He also acknowledges that Josh is an honest father, but is always going to be protective of his children and put them first. “

Looks like there’s still not much faith … hopefully this has changed since they all got on the plate and helped Braden during his medical emergency on Sunday!

Honestly, we shouldn’t be too surprised that these couples have been struggling to find co-custody since the beginning of this month. Flipping 101 The star made it very clear that children have different opinions, he told the outlet:

“Honestly, you know, we really focus on our family. [Heather and I] We do something in our home and I know [Christina] She focuses on her family and some of the things she does at home. “

While acknowledging that it’s probably better for kids if everyone is on the “same page”, which doesn’t always happen, he added:

“We try to stay on the same page as much as possible, but they are different families.”

The Flip or flop Alum also made it clear that he did not know Josh and only contacted him when the children were involved, saying:

“[We’re] Just once around him, you know, [at] Football and that’s mainly it. We say our ‘high’s’, and a few of our group texts are running and that’s about it. “

It’s not that they have to be friends, but you think it will help solve some of these co-parenting problems if they can be a little better, at least on a personal level.

Interestingly enough, last month, real estate agents also openly talked about how it was with co-parents. Christina on the coast Led and he was significantly positive at the time! Heather jumped:

“We work very well together. We communicate every day about kids, and they are the most important thing in the world to all of us. So, as long as the kids are happy, we’re all happy. “

Wow – he really said they are good co-parents ?! So either Heather is still holding Christina’s frustration or these issues have skyrocketed in the last few weeks.

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So far, couples seem to be focused on overcoming their problems. Following the headline of their football argument hitting the internet, the family released a joint statement announcing:

“A personal matter was discussed and then resolved. We’re focused on co-relating as a team going forward. “

The Us The source confirmed this, adding that Tarek and Christina are committed to doing what is best for their children, emphasizing:

“Tarek and Christina continue to do their best to have friendly intercourse – especially in front of their children.”

Well, that’s good! We are sure that adapting to this new chapter of their lives was not easy. It’s normal to hit a few bumps in the street, when they get everything out! Until their kids are dragged into chaos, that is. Feedback, fan reader? Do you think Josh and Tarek should be friends in order to be friends in the long run? Or do you think that things should continue as they are? Sound off (below)!

[Image via Tarek El Moussa/Christina Haack/Instagram]

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