Will Johnny Depp get back the role of pirates? The former Disney executive said.

Now that Johnny DeppWon defamation suit against him Amber HardIs there a chance for Captain Jack Sparrow to return to his fan-favorite character? Caribbean pirates Suffrage ??

Well, new comment from an ex Disney The executive thinks the actor has a strong chance of returning to the open sea – despite his claims in court!

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Despite insiders’ differing views on whether Johnny will be able to re-emerge in Hollywood after a major blow to his reputation over the past few years, a former executive would like to capitalize on a fanbase loyal to the Disney actor. Talking People On Thursday, the trustee explained:

“I firmly believe in the afterlife Pirates Initial work has been done to reboot with Johnny as Captain Jack on board. There’s a lot of potential at the box office for a favorite character deeply embedded in Disney culture. “

The formula also seems to be success Tom CruiseOf Top gun: MaverickMade by the same producer as Pirates Movies, Jerry BrookheimerMay impress Disney for a new movie with Depp.

“With [producer] Jerry Brookheimer climbs on the massive success of Tom Cruise Top gun: MaverickThe hugely popular franchise has a huge appetite for bringing back bankable Hollywood stars. “

Although not ready to tune in to a new swashbuckler film led by Depp – another Hollywood has taken the situation completely differently. Speaking to the outlet, they said the 58-year-old “is unlikely to return as a star” but suggested:

“But they will probably make it Pirate 6 With Margot Robbie Or someone like that. “

Hmmm. Earlier, producer Jerry Brookheimer said Sunday Times Margot was in the running to star in one of the two films that she is currently developing. Assuming he will play a role, insiders added:

“I think they made Robbie his daughter and probably have a cameo with him as a test.”

And if it does happen miraculously, it “probably” won’t be released until 2025 because of the production deadline. Of course, all of this is questionable considering what Johnny has to say about the film. As Perezius readers know, he was quite adamant that he had no desire to return Pirates Or work with Disney again. During his defamation trial, Johnny testified that even if he was paid $ 300 million, he would return the opportunity to work in another. Pirates Movies. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Aquaman Star

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But this trustee doesn’t buy a word of it, saying:

“I do not believe that money is a means to an end Pirates It’s a billion-dollar global franchise. “

It would be disgusting to be denied so much money … During the trial, Depp’s agent claimed that he had lost a potential $ 22.5 million salary to pay one-sixth. Pirates Flick 6 due to Heard’s 2018 op-ed at the Center for Defamation So, he knows there is a lot of treasure waiting for him if he goes back on board – will he really risk losing it again ??

Another industry source argued that Depp would “work again”, even if not with Disney, but that getting that first big role back could be a challenge:

“I think someone will give him a chance. He is very picky and very talented. A studio needs to not only measure and see its risk and value, but it has also won public opinion. Through this he has gained a whole new fan base and yes, he will be back. “

A Hollywood agent agrees, claiming that the legal battle “has tarnished the image of both sides”, but that depth will still “evolve because we live in this world,” adding:

“His fans are very loyal and vocal and everyone knows he is far from perfect.”

It was not clear how loyal he was Fantastic Beasts Alam’s fans were there before this trial, that’s for sure. It is difficult to know what will happen in the future. It must have been shocking to see him join Pirates After giving such strong evidence against it, but who knows? Walking away from a paycheck would be difficult for anyone.

Would you like to see Captain Jack return? Or do you think that considering the controversy (and potential appeal), Disney wouldn’t be so keen to back up with the star? Sound off (below).

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