Will Prince Harry and Megan Merkel be safe in Queen’s Platinum?

From June 2, the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II will begin.

Despite having some furry feathers, Prince Harry and Megan Merkel are welcomed into the celebration.

They will receive partial protection from the royal family’s expert security forces, but there will be gaps in detail.

Is it enough to keep the Duke and Duchess of Sussex safe from those who could harm them?

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth

Daily Mail The report said Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan had been given a “cast iron assurance” that they and their children would receive adequate protection during their stay.

The pair are only traveling with a small security team and are believed to have no senior staff with them.

Three-year-old Archie and one-year-old Lilibet are with them to watch their grandmother celebrate.

Meghan and Harry at the Invictus Games

Harry and Meghan had previously lived in Frogmore’s cottage and would be staying at the same Windsor residence for the long weekend.

This is not the first time the Duchess of Sussex has returned to the UK since the couple left, but it is the second time.

Notoriously, Meghan was the target of a vicious and racist propaganda campaign of hatred – both real and imaginary responsible for the royal problem.

Sussex, Cambridge

This is why the couple decided to leave their role between the royal family and the UK as announced in early 2020.

Hatred against Meghan has not abated, and it is inconceivable that anyone would want to pursue an online death threat.

Harry is adamant that, like his mother, his wife and children will not die because of the British tabloids and the crooked obsession of the public.

Interviewed by Prince Harry in 2022

The Met Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit are reported to be in correspondence with Harry’s existing team prior to the visit.

As they attend the Platinum Jubilee this week, security will be in place during travel and at the Fragmore Cottage.

However, due to the complex situation in Sussex, this state protection will not extend to the family during private events, such as hanging out with friends or going out to eat.

Liz, Megan, Harry

Harry had previously expressed genuine concern for the safety of his family during the visit.

Every moment during such a visit is not part of a universal visit, and a sudden loss of protection can leave her loved ones vulnerable.

Harry did not claim that British taxpayers personally funded his family’s protection, that he was no longer part of the royal family, and offered to bear the costs himself.

Meghan and Harry are walking together

However, there are (understandable) policies that prevent the Specialist Protection Unit from receiving private funding.

(This is detrimental to the Sussex family, but overall it is a good policy; hired security forces that can be purchased)

While personal security (even added personal security) can help make a difference, it’s not like having a team of state-affiliated guards throughout the tour.

In 2018 Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry

Some – who have already annoyed Harry and hated Meghan – have said that they and their young children get it for leaving the royal family.

They left an unstable situation and it was the right call.

Those who think spending money on their protection would be a waste … How do they support the unspoken millions spent on protecting the family of the hereditary mascot?

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