WTF ?! The girl was ‘accused of crying’ while at the doctor with a ‘rare disease’

It just shows how backward our healthcare system is. Smh.

YouTube Star Camille Johnson The blast at a hospital on Tuesday revealed that her younger sister had apparently been charged a ridiculous amount for shedding a tear during a doctor’s appointment! The New York native snatched a picture of a bill given to his sister, which he wrote after the visit:

“My younger sister has been struggling with a health condition lately and has finally seen a doctor. They charged her 40 for crying.

Are you kidding ?!

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The bill shows a 40 charge for a “brief emotional / behavioral assessment”. Surprisingly, this is one of the larger parts of the bill and costs more than the actual test and blood draw! Content creators continue to complain about how messy it is:

“They charged him more for crying than for the hemoglobin test. They charged her more for crying than for assessing her health risks. They charged her more for crying than for a capillary blood draw. “

It doesn’t matter why the patient was crying – he was in a doctor’s office, for good, something was clearly wrong and you expect the doctor to be patient with his emotions, right ?! Bedside method ?? Unfortunately not. But Camille explains the situation further, proving just how annoying this bill really is, adding:

“She has a rare disease so she is really struggling to care for it. He becomes emotional because he feels frustrated and helpless. They charged him 40 40 for saying he was crying, trying to help, making an assessment, making a prescription, saying nothing. “

This is seriously so frustrating. This raises awareness of another larger problem – the lack of equal access to care, Johnson noted:

“Everyone should be able to see a doctor if they are sick. Survival is not a luxury. “

And they don’t have to worry about shedding a tear in the process either !! Interested to see some changes from his now-viral tweet, YouTuber added a comment to the politician Barney SandersText:

ErnBernieSanders I’ve always wanted to tell you I love you. Maybe you should see this. Thank you for your work. “


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Barney has yet to respond, comedian Cathy Griffin Similarly angry, chiming:

“I have not one, but two fancy (male) surgeons who have shown me clearly that they would be fine with this kind of broken bullshit. One said, ‘Oh, you’re one of those extra sensitive people.’ You know, those of us who have cancer and half of our lungs are a little bit more sensitive. ”

And many others have shared their experiences with the country’s healthcare system and bills. Let’s see:

“Hull, they charged us some insane amount for jello when my baby went to have his tonsils removed. When I called the billing department to stop that ridiculous charge, he didn’t even argue.

“One of the strategies I’ve learned is that if you ever have to go to the hospital and pay, it’s to ask for an itemized bill. Hospitals will actually reduce the amount you owe because they will not keep ‘banded $ 10’. It worked for me before and for others. Check it out online. ”

“I have been charged over $ 2,000 for an emergency room trip that will not close my nose. I had to wait so long, the nurse took me to a room because I was bleeding all over the waiting room. The doctor didn’t see me, the bleeding stopped before he came. “

“I am surprised that many are surprised. Our healthcare system is pure raw capitalism, it seems. They sell their time, you buy it. “

That’s great. It’s wild people being extra charged for all things !! It’s time to dump her and move on. Feedback, fan reader ?!

[Image via ABC/Rotten Tomatoes TV/YouTube]

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