Yes! Elizabeth Olsen thinking friend Daniel Haim was caught lying about acting well

Instant classic!

Vanity Fair Lie Detector has been doing test interview videos for many years, but we can’t remember if they made a real drama between two friends before!

And when Elizabeth Olsen Was asked about the sail Daniel HaimIts acting, did not go well!

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The Wandavision The star talks about how Rocker, whom she has known since high school, was once “the best person in the world.” But when the interviewer asked how he thought of Daniel’s performance in the small role of sister Alana HaimIts movies Licorice pizzaThat’s when the polygraph got a little extra wiggly. Elizabeth was first asked if she was thinking She She was a better actress than Daniel, which she admitted she did. But when the interviewer drills down and asks if he doesn’t think Daniel was very good, The doctor is weird Actress Response:

“No, I liked the picture, and I thought he was great at it.”

He then qualified:

“But he didn’t have to do much.”

The examiner then called him and said:

“He’s lying about the picture.”

The youngest Olsen sister protested:

“What do you mean? What about, like the movie?”

The examiner confirmed, “This is correct,” to which he responded:

“Oh, I like the picture!”

Examiner offers instead:

“Or about his acting.”

To whom Elizabeth has lowered her admiration, this time saying:

“Oh yeah, she was fine.”

So embarrassing! And Lizzie immediately picked it up, shouting:

“F ** k, man! Sorry, Daniel.”

Luxurious! Some tell us that the moment he wished he would never agree to this interview! He added:

“You did great. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s very uncomfortable now.”

Yes! See his answer to more uncomfortable questions about John Krasinski, Chris EvansAnd of course her famous sister (below)!

[Image via Vanity Fair/YouTube.]

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