You will not believe the reason for the resignation of this soccer star!

Talk to you soon Glue Stinky situation!

Football fans around the world probably heard when the Brazilian football star Marcelo (Full name Marcelo Antonio Guedes Filho) Was relegated from his first team spot with the French club last year Leon. But the real reason can push even the biggest followers!

Was it due to lack of goals? Weak athletes? Ips? No. She was sent to the locker room for “continuous farting and smiling”, the people inside are now revealing! What ?!

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According to ESPNThe 34-year-old was initially dropped from the reserve squad in August when he laughed at his teammates. Leo DuboisAfter a bad loss against speech to boost morale Anger. The club condemned him for his “inappropriate behavior” at the time – but apparently, the real motivation was the fact that he was very hungry! Man, what color card would you get for this ??

In addition to the constant laughter, Marcelo was also known to party and laugh in the presence of the manager. Peter Bose And the director of sports Juninho. Sources are now claiming that this nonsense made him resign and later expelled him from the team! Win! Her furt must have been nasty to do such a switch-up !!

Fans know the club canceled the athlete’s contract in January. He joined just two days later BordeauxHe still plays for that team. We wonder if he smells bad in that locker room too ?! Can you believe it ?! The comments below are harmful)!

[Image via Olympique Lyonnais/YouTube]

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