Yvette Arelano receives bikini ultimatum from Mohamed Abdelhamid: Change or I Fly

There’s more to this troubled relationship than a choice between Mohammed and a bikini, because it’s not just a swimsuit.

Yvette Arelano changed her diet, she stopped drinking most of the time, she cleaned her clothes. He even installed a bidet.

He was shocked when Mohammed Abdelhamid told him that this was not enough – that he needed to change further.

But Mohammed thought he already understood that … and said he would return to Egypt if he did not comply with his wishes.

Mohamed Abdelhamid Yewet called Arelano dress / jacket

Season 9, the 90-day Engagement Episode 7 was a fair start for Eve and Mohammed.

There’s a reason there’s a flesh-colored underwear line, but obviously, Yev didn’t realize that in the camera light, her dress was visible.

She felt ashamed and punished and was somewhat confused when Mohammed told her to wear a long jacket, and that was just the beginning.

Yvette Arellano Wine Pass tonight

Mohammed was first meeting Yvette’s friends Jane, Rochelle and Tatiana.

While other women enjoyed the wine, Yev – did not reduce his wine consumption on special occasions to please Mohammed.

Although Mohammed told his friends that he did not mind drinking their wine, he was clearly not impressed.

Mohammed Abdelhammed - They are weird

She felt like they were testing her to see what she really liked and she was probably right.

Mohammed further speculated that perhaps Evete’s “weird” friends wore more revealing clothing to see his reaction.

Although Rochelle wore a low neckline, friends overall wore such attire in the first episode of Eve, when she was not present.

Jane, Rochelle, and Tatiana ask Mohamed Abdelhammed about past relationships

Jane, Rochelle, and Tatiana were invited to ask Mohammed questions in the “Round of Lightning” (always the role of friends and family in these shows).

They wanted to get to know him better, and at first confirmed that Mohammed had ended a previous serious relationship because he had no money.

Despite that relationship, he admits he has never had sex or even kissed Yvette before.

Yvette Arelano's friend Jane asks about sex, porn

Jane, a sex therapist by profession, asked very directly how Mohammed knew what to do.

Animal instincts can take people a long way, but did he – like millions of unspoken people – learn the sexual aspects from the first porn?

This was a direct question, and Mohammed was clearly dissatisfied.

Mohammed Abdelhammed - No one will ask such a question

Mohamed was shocked, noting that no one in his community in Egypt would ask for any reason.

This is not at all the case in America, where some people will discuss porn freely – but only with close friends, when everyone is comfortable with it and agrees to the conversation.

Mohammed was not comfortable, and although the questions were for the convenience of the camera, he was clearly dissatisfied.

Yvette Arelano admits he was surprised by Mohamed Abdelhamid's demands

Mohammed insisted that his “rules” were not confusing for Yvette and that he had cleared everything before he came to see her.

He mildly disagrees, shares the story of being asked to wear a long jacket before dinner and probably thinks about when he scolded him for talking to a plumber.

She knew very little, but it was only the beginning of her surprise.

Mohamed Abdelhamid says Yvette Arelano - does not want to be controlled

Mohammed ridiculed the notion that women don’t want to be “controlled” it’s a good thing, asking why it’s bad.

He took a patriarchal angle, saying that making rules for how women live their lives “protects” them.

This is a familiar claim to those who have grown up in the evangelical community of the United States, or where the culture of toxic purity is widespread.

Mohammed Abdelhamid and Yvette Arelano awkward ride home

The journey home after dinner was nothing awkward.

Among other things, Mohammed confronted Yvette, telling her that he had asked her to change before dinner in a “private” conversation.

Yew noted that his friends knew about the conflict in the past, but it seemed to bother him.

Mohammed Abdelhamid says he can wear whatever he wants unless he wants to marry her

If she wants to live like him, she says it’s okay … but not if she marries him.

The two had been arguing since the summer after Yew wore a bikini on a family trip.

Not only did he have a one-piece bathing suit at the time, but they could not talk for days because of the fighting.

Mohammad Abdelhammed - Are you going to pick a bikini on me?

Mohammed told him that he did not see his claims as unreasonable.

There were some things she wanted to change and the idea of ​​choosing a bikini over her was ridiculous.

But it’s not really about the bikini, is it? And that’s not the only change he wants to make.

Yvette Arelano - I don't like to feel from someone who presumably loves me

Yvette thought she had already made the changes she wanted.

Instead, he was hurt and wondered what else he was going to ask.

Yve also wondered why the man who loved her would talk to her like that.

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